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America Dream Reversed - Middle Class missing in action

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America Dream Reversed - Middle Class missing in action
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All the past four presidents acted as one in the
Betrayal of Workers. Click on picture for summary of articles and sites by Ray Tapajna

Time to Occupy All Streets - The Betrayal of American Workers....

50 percent  of U.S. human resources are not being used...
(* Newhouse News Service/Cleve PD by Dory Nevlin or search on Ashoka Get America working....)
Millions of workers are missing in action from any kind of unemployment reporting. Millions go from temporary job to temporary job unable to find full time work.
If one counts all over 18 years old who are healthy and who could be working but are not, one finds that almost half of our nation's human resources is not being used. Millions who are not part of any grouping are non-existent  as far as any reporting of their status. Only about 38 percent of all American workers qualify for unemployment insurance.  More than 60 million are living in an economic limbo.
How can an reasonable unemployment  rate be gathered?  And the underemployed population is ignored in any reporting too. Only about 88 million Americans have full time jobs. About 50 million have only part time ones with about 14 million working 20 hours or less per week. Another 50 million are in limbo outside of any reporting. This report came  is out when U.S.  population was about 290 million. Now it is about 320 million.

** A Canadian forum reported that if Canada used the same methods as the USA uses for unemployment satistics, Canada would have only 1% unemployment. The study cites The Council of International and Public Affairs, stating the real U.S. unemployment during the 1990s was 11.4% if properly calculated --- (If compared to the reporting methods 30 years ago , the rate would be much higher than  even that.)

Wars hide the Sell out of America.
Tapart News Editor began this study over ten years ago. Now the general media is starting to confirm much of it. CNN has a program showing how our unemployment rate is about 12% and not 6%. Lou Dobbs has an excellent Exporting America series confirming much of what has been recorded here. Personal and business bankruptcies keep breaking records, it is important to note that they broke all time records in 1995 and 1998 when our nation supposedly was enjoying a statistical prosperity. The Liberal media did not report all this back then. Others reported that 40% of all young blacks in the inner city did not have a job back then. 50% of all U.S. human resources were not being used. We also now have a record breaking prison population. In 1998, millions lost their jobs and there was record breaking companies closing down as noted in our reports at this site. Over 250,000 lost their jobs in high tech alone. Many cities who had enjoyed the high tech revolution in the beginning lost most of these companies soon after. It was stupid to have Research and Development and then send the jobs outside the USA. Both the Democrats and Republicans hid these statistics from the public. It must be noted too that it was a Democratic President and a Democratic controlled Congress that passed both NAFTA and GATT in a Lameduck session called by President Clinton even though the new Young Republicans won the election based on Gingrich's Contract to America. President Bush joined hands with Clinton when he took office in the "bombing" of the American worker. NAFTA and GATT acted and still does act as a Pearl Harbor Attack on American workers and now workers everywhere by passing Fast Tract while everyone was concentrating on terrorism and the war...see this topic at this site too.

Both Bush and Clinton  use wars to hide the failures of Globalism and Free Trade failures.
BUSH'S 'JUST WAR' IS LACED WITH HYPOCRISY------------       (  by Terry Provost, Cleve. Plain Dealer, 10/2002 - note.. " looting of the American economy and the militarization of American society.)
      Applied ethics Professor Paul Lauritzen's Forum article "War must be the last resorts" (Sept 27) focused on Michael Water's criteria that military pre-emptive (war) is morally justifiable "whenever the failure do so would seriously risk" the territorial integrity or political independence of the pre-empting state.
  No where does Lauritzen note that, in using this criteria, Saddam Hussein would have every right to launch a pre-emptive strike against the United States.....  The main ethical question about war with Iraq is whether or not "we the people" will demand that our government behave according to the same standards it attempts to impose by overwhelming force on others.
The U.S. Government created  both  Saddam and Bin Laden. The  Iraq / Iranian  war followed.  British interests sold Iraq the basis of his biological and chemical weapons programs, ( where and how did of the  weapons of mass destruction originate?   And the  United States trained a whole generation of would-be terrorists to wage war in Afghanistan ( when they were fighting the Soviets, - however back then they were called "freedom fighters".)
   Our current terrorist problems are the direct result of out thoughtless response to our last generation of problems. If we fail to recognize this and to confront our real problems- a political process that Bill Moyers called "legalized bribery" a chemical dependency of the oil and money of Saudi Arabia, - a shabby and inane  intellectual culture and a press that ignores this and treats official handouts like news - we are bound to create a generation of new and improved threats that will, just coincidently, futher destroy both our standard of living and our civil rights.
  The "axis of evil" is a ruse to distract attention away from the looting of the American economy  ...( the real war is about  jobs and the workday ... and the militarization of American society (suspension of civil rights), violation of the Posse Comitatus Act- The only "just war" the American people can wage at the moment is against that. Occupy Wall Street Movement can not leave free trade out of the protest. Search under Can not leave free trade out of Wall Street protests  .  View the Cross 9/11 Tangle of Terror artwork by Ray Tapajna asking who will now untangle the terror, Globalization and Free Trade have bred. Search under Cross 9/11 Tangle of Terror for many resources and image.
A vast Populist movement in South America is countering Globalization and Free Trade and it is coming our way. It is time to prepare for the post -Globlization era. History tells us what happens when workers have no voice in their destinies. Hopefully the Occupy Wall Street movement will be that voice.  A new generation of activists - the "Bottom- Up" generation believe all decisions should be made at the lowest possible level.  Obviously, if free trade had to be ratified by a popular vote, none of the trade agreements would have passed.

President Obama follows in the same pattern but also adds to the mix his own version of regime change with undercover ventures in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran with private military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. He makes his wars personal by assassinations.  He extended the Patriot Act which opens the door to all kinds of questionable actions in the U.S.  He bails out big money and the financial community and puts them back in charge of the global free trade process. At more than two international money conferences, he openly uses the term - The New World Order.

All this hides the real war which is one of economic terror as millions continue to lose their jobs.  No  one really knows how many people are unemployed or underemployed in America. Only about 38 percent of all workers in America qualify for unemployment insurance. This translate to more than 60 percent living in economic limbo.  

Elizabeth Sullivan, Asst Editor and Expert on International Relations for the Cleve Plain Dealer, says that attacking Iraq would betray U.S> principles and actually help topple "freindly" pro-Western and secular Arab states.  She says,  "The truth is that Iraq is vulnerable, and Saddam is hateful, and the two together form a perfect target for the mix of CIA dirty  tricks, high tech gizmos and commando raids that Pentagon planners hope to apply as part of a new pre-emptive war policy.....Saddam is the perfect foil to show other potential evil-doers they better fall in line with U.S. wishes or else". Now is it more difficult than ever discerning the real issues for going to war and anticipating post war effects. ( Click on US PLAYS AS DANGEROUS GAME OF GLOBALISM )
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