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Hurricane Katrina in 2005, in New Orleans exposed a vast under class living in a silent depression.  No reason not to believe that the same applies to many of our major cities across America. It confirms the reports below.  It is obvious that our unemployment reporting is fabricated and has been for more than ten years.

A Silent Economic Depression Study
The reference study above, demonstrates how millions have  faded into a silent depression.  The official unemployment measures do not include "discouraged workers", that is people who have given up looking for work.  If discouraged workers are included in the unemployment statistics, the unemployment rate would be closer to 10 to 11 percent. (We believe it is even higher than this if you consider the Seniors, Disabled and the part-time workers who really want to work full time. In the past, unemployment was based primarily on full time jobs with benefits. Today, even someone who is only making a $100 a month is considered employed. ) Furthermore, only about 40% of all workers now qualify for unemployment insurance. They either do not work sufficient hours or make enough money to qualify. There is really no way to compare unemployment with the past with the current situations. Unemployment was once based on those reporting to the unemployment offices. Now the Bureau of  Labor statistics say that is impossible for the above reasons.
The Getting American Working forum reports that
80 million have full-time jobs with
53 million having only part-time and only
14.6 million averaged twenty hours a week or more. An additional 44 million adults were free to work, but were not doing so. These
44 to 50 million people are not included in the Labor Department's "work force" or "unemployed" categories. They are officially invisible. The question remains how many would choose to work if  decent jobs were available.  "Mickey Mouse" jobs sometimes cost more than they are worth. The U.S. Conference of Mayors report (01/04) that 39% of adults requesting emergency food were employed.) (40% of the homeless have jobs.)
In 1774, the top 1% owned 15% of all wealth. By 1973, the top 1% owned 32.6 percent of all the wealth  and  by 1989, the top one percent owned nearly 40% of all wealth.
Extreme economic inequalities lead to inequalities of power. "Control of the central government is the key to having a major voice in determining the distribution of income and wealth."  Conditions are hidden from the public this way too.  Millions have drifted into a silent depression without any one noting it officially. The living standards  for most people increased in the post WW2 period.  However, in about 1973, the rising tide that lifted all boats, suddenly left the vast majority of boats go gradually sink with the receding tide. Four-fifths of the U.S. population has experienced either stagmant or falling real wages since 1973. The average worker in 1991 earned the same as the average worker in 1962. The only thing that saved many families was  Mom going to work instead of staying home raising her family. 
Statistics  show that economic inequalities have been growing and growing since 1973. Wallace Peterson has described this pattern  as a "Silent Depression" leading to two decades or more of deteriation in the economic well being of at least eighty, if not ninety, percent of the population.  The American Dream has been reversed. The major symptom of the Silent Depression is the disappearance of jobs in general, but good paying jobs in particular. The official unemployment  statistics do a poor job of capturing  how many people are actually out of work as noted before.
Of the 3 million workers laid off between July 1990 and  th end of 1992,  only 15%  expected to return to the same job. In past recessions, 44 percent of workers expected to be recalled.  Since 1980, over two million middle-management jobs have been  permanently  eliminated.  One top employment consultant in Cleveland Ohio, says the white collar Republican  suburbanites who  lost their jobs can be compared to the "Oakies" of the Great Depression.  Their  jobs were gone forever.  And those downsized workers who eventually found a job, found downsized wages.  One third over 55 who lost their jobs never found another job again.
Nearly twelve million new jobs created between 1979 and 1987 , one  half paid an annual wage below the poverty level ($11,611 for a family of  four). 
College financial aid also shriveled up.  Help drop from  80% of tutition to 60 per cent. 
Income levels significantly became linked to achievement in all levels of education with the poverty stricken children having the worst  grades. 
Food stamps benefits dropped 27%.
During the same period, the number of children living in single parent families increased 86.2 percent. 
Millions are running harder and harder to stay in place while millions more have fallen off the tread mill entirely.  The middle class had shrunk by 11% Bt 1990, the income of the top families was 15.1 times larger while the under classes faded away.
67% now pay more in payroll taxes than they do in income taxes. Payroll taxes now act as a flat tax on the working poor but have not been included in any tax cuts even though the Payroll taxes are used in the general fund the same way income taxes are used. Payroll taxes now amount to about  one  half of all government revenues.
Military spending is close to what was spent during the Cold War. If the USA was able to cut back to around 73% of the Cold War, we would have about a $100 billions dollars a year to rebuild our inner cities, bridges, structures, highways, airports, rail and more.  Just think of the jobs that this would bring.
The only real exports, that Free Trade has brought is the export of jobs and not products per se.  Workers are the real commodities involved in Free Trade.  Workers never had much a voice in their destiny but now they are outside looking in at a new world economy that is controlled by government with the President acting as the CEO of world trade.  World organizations like the WTO control the flow of wealth outside any real democratic process and certainly without the consent of the workers who are the principle agents in any economic pursuit.
President Clinton used wars and enjoyed the billions poured into correcting the Y2k crisis. This  acted as an artificial economic stimulus but companies spent  dollars that they could not afford to  spend. The  Y2k spending also hid the conditions of the Dot Coms which later were exposed for what they really were and the stock market crashed.
President Bush again uses wars to cover our economic woes and  he also was had an artificial stimulus automatically after 9/11 when foreign entitites paid out billions in insurance for the 9/11 crisis. Also, President Bush pumped in money to save the airlines which artificially hid the real problems of our economy.
The Silent Depression will continue and as of 12/03, the requests for emergency food has broken records again.
(From Cleve Plain Dealer, May 31, 2004 by Ray Tapajna)
Plain Dealer reporters Alison Grant and Elizabeth Auster (May  23) supposedly tell us the real story about unemployment using plenty of graphs etc., but still nothing seemss to match up with the streets, as we see many people suffering in a silent depression for years. The unemployment rates provided are questionable, especially if related to t he number of workers receiving unemployment insurance. Only 38 percent of those who lose their jobs qualify, and only 12 percent of part-timers get the benefits.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics gets its unemployment figures by polling households, and if someone says he has not  looked for work in sthe previous month, he is considered employed. A Canadian forum says that if Canada used that criteria it would show only a 1 percent unemployment rate.  The Get America Working forum says 50 percent of our U.S. human resources are not being used. It reports  that only 88  million people are employed full time, with about 50 million  working only part time; another 50 million are missing in action from any real kind of reporting. Even the BSL admitted that 4 million people have given up looking for work.
If this existed in the 1970s, there would have been a congressional investigation. When will The Plain Dealer and other media channels get to the bottom  of this instead of passing on statistics that do not reflect reality?
( We should also find out how many workers have more than one part-time job at a time and how these jobs are reported. It is understood that each part time job represents   one person or do these jobs reflect the many workers who  have up to 3 part-time jobs at one time?)
U.S. Conference of Mayors report increase in hunger and homeless
(The Plain Dealer, Dec 19, 2003 by Siobhan McDonough, AP)
The US Conference of Mayors  report the request for emergency food rose 17% in 25 large cities.  Requests for emergency shelters increased 13 percent.
Denver has highest rate where requests for emergency food  jumped 48 percent.  Louisville, Ky was 40 percent, Providence RI was 27 percent and Charleston, SC was 25 percent-- these cities are not in the so called rust belt.
14 percent of requests for emergency food was unmet.
Requests by families with children increased 18 percent. Requests by elderly people increased 13 percent. Overall, nearly three out of four  cities reported an increase in food assistance requests.
59 percent of people  requesting  emergency food were families.  39 percent of adults requesting emergency food assistance  were employed.
Requests for shelter by homeless families increased 15 percent.
People remain homeless an average of 5 months- longer than before, in most cities.
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