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Do you feel like a gladiator in a global economic arena fighting for your economic life?

Milliions of U.S. Workers lost their jobs in the
most massive dislocation of jobs in U.S. history

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Our economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out. Free trade is not trade. It is more about moving production from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. Money becomes the real product in the process independent of production. Money is not a product. It is only a means of transacting business.

The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing. To make it something of value, money interests have to find ways to add value to it. When the investment communities make money by people getting fired instead of hired everything is upside down.

Usury interest rates are also a sin. Debts are impossible to be paid off completely. Who has the right to play with peoples' lives this way. Who gave the money changers the power to destroy the value of workers and labor by making money a product all its own.

The only time Jesus got angry was in the temple with the money changers. Now the money changers control the whole flow of the money process where the value of workers and labor is degraded and deflated. This along with the record breaking trade deficit since 1994, represent a loss of trillions of dollars in value forever. The value of workers and labor even represent a better money standard than the funny money created out of nothing by the Federal Reserve and international money funds.

The free trade economies have failed. Our money on money economies are burning out. President Obama had to bail out the process when he took office. He bailed out big money interests, the investment communities, Wall Street, banks and the "too big to fail" corporations while ignoring the suffering of all who lost everything due to free trade. He put the same people back to manage the failed systems while workers outside looking in at the celebration of the globalist free trade money changers. Both conservatives and liberals play in the same game while they debate what's right and what's left to cover their tracks.

Capitalism without a conscience, will fail.....
Capitalism without a conscience

When President Bush was president, he said Capitalism without a conscience will fail. He was referring to the Enron and World Com of that time. He ignored the "commoditising" of American workers who were put on a world trading block to compete with the wage slave and even child labor. The real commodities of free trade became human beings competing for the same jobs in a global economic arena.

In essence, he said - It's nothing personal. It's only business. He hid the real economic mess we were in behind his "shock and awe" wars. If he was really concerned about Capitalism having a conscience, he would have noted the following.

Labor is not a tool of Capitalism. Capitalism is supposed to serve the workers seeking the life ideal on earth. In the free trade world, workers are degraded and their value is delflated . A new ism took over where money became greater than the different idealogies of Communism, Socialism and Capitalism. In the new global economy, elite groupings, large transnational corporations, world bankds and international entities like the WTO control te flow of wealth outside of the democratic process and sovereign individual governments. A CEO of a leading transnational corporation says we must get rid of the old fashion concept of sovereignty.

Economics and money making should be judged on how it enhances human dignity in the work place and not degraded to something less than that. Any standard used to judge human dignity should be based on the most vulnerable among us. If wage slave labor and destitute workers are used for the sake of making money on money, Capitalism or whatever ism we have does not have a conscience.

All workers have the right to secure productive work with just wages, benefits and decent working conditions. All have the right to make enough money to support their families and have something left over to support the whole of society too. When workers are displaced, institution should be in place before the worst happens to hold or regain their rightful place in the work world.

Business should be free to do their thing but not at the expense of workers going downward instead of advancing. Creating a working poor class in the U.S. and destitute working classes in other countries is not Capitalism with a conscience.

The President of the USA now acts as the top CEO of the world based on a wage slave labor. With a more than a billion people in the world ready to work for practically nothing, it is a race to the bottom with a ruling class in control. In this type of working environment, nations find wars as the only solution to the crisis when Capitalism no longer has a conscience.

Rerum Novarum, the standard for human rights for more than a hundred years, needs to be applied now.

Rerum Novarum is one of the strongest documents ever about social justice and the dignity of workers. It is an encyclical by Pope Leo in 1891 covering the "Condition of Labor. It proved to be a standard for more than a century as a guide for social justice in the workday. It appealed to all men of good will seeking the ideal life on earth. It was basic standard for the right of workers to unite as one for better working conditions. It was written to challenge the communist and socialist view about the right to property.

Today, many are renewing the standards set by Rerum Novarum to confront the betrayal of workers' dignity in our times due to free trade economies that are based on making money on money instead of making things having divorced production from investments. Today the stock market thrives on workers getting fired instead of hired. All men of good will must correct this trend and bring back the proper balance of workers' dignity in the workday. Rerum Novarum maintains that it should be taken for granted that the workman and the employer should make a free agreement as to wages .....wages should be sufficient for the wage earner to live in reasonable and frugal comfort. It the employer or business owner abuse this principle, the worker becomes a victim of injustics.

The worker also has a right to property with that property being their labor. If a person hires out to another, his strength or skill, remains his property and hires out to receive a just return to fulfill his basic needs. We all know what it takes to raise a family and this should be the guiding goal of business to achieve. The employer should not look upon their employees as bondsment and never work them beyond their strenght. In our times companies go outside and outsource their labor needs to by pass their resposibilities. As the master of this labor, the employer may not pursue or exert pressure upon the indigent and destitute for the sake of gain. To use workers for only the sake of personal profit should be condemened by all laws, human and divine. The foremost duty of the state should be to make sure there are lawas and institutions for all to realize the public well being of workers and the right to private property.

Today shoppers vote about the kind of society they want in the cash register line more than they do in a voting booth. All must realize every purchase boomerangs back to their own front door sooner or later and shoppers need to stop shopping their way out of their jobs. We all must stop living off the suffering of others especially in times when the workers are invisible in some far away place in the world.

President Franklin Roosevelt said, Economic diseases are highly communicable. It is spreading wider and wider in our times.


On Business Practices...
The unethical business practices of companies like Enron and Worldcom and the escapades of "Chainsaw" Dunlap in the 1990s questions if it is possible to be a person of good will in the business world. The following is a letter from the Universe Bulletin, in Cleveland Ohio. ....." I find your article "Christians can do business without 'doing in values' as a disservice. We must stop conning the young into thinkin the corporate world is a place where you can exist as a Christian. It is perhaps spiritually bankrupt..... Teachers (in colleges) are good in their sphere of influence but unfortunately only pass on the method of being a good teacher and not anything that is happening on the street." How can professor in business or economic classes with tenure and security pass on the realities about the business world.  ( And in the free trade economic world, we have investors making money by their neighbor being fired from his job.)   A 70 page report by the National Council of Churches reported several years ago that most laymen find little help in living out their faith in secular institutions and work where they spend most of their time.  Since then not much has changed and in recent years has become even worst. It is difficult for the young to put family, work in the corporate world and God all together.  We have become too complacent tied to the phrase - "It is nothing personal, it is only business."
We are living off the suffering of others who make the things we use and consume too. We vote in the check out line more than we do in the voting booth about what kind of society we want to live in. And as shoppers, we are even shopping our way out of our jobs. Free trade economics has done this to us. Human nature is on trial in our times in many ways.

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