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.....Based on Manuel Castell and Cliff Barney interview from UPSIDE, high-tech capital venture magazine......by Ray Tapajna, update 2012
Manuel Castells, wrote several books about globalization and free trade and predicted the coming of the Bewildered New World as it is today more than ten years ago.  Cliff Barney interviewed him in a timeless article in one of the best high tech magazines, I ever read - called UPSIDE.  It was a primarily about new high tech ventures and the value of their stocks, but it also had a unique overview about many social justice issues. The following is based the Cliff Barney interview..... This is a keeper for any student wanting to find out what went wrong and why.

When we talk about networks. they are not solely related to the internet and the computer world.  Today, a network might be the stock exchange. bankers, international money organizations,   the European Union, the coca fields, clandetine labs, secret landing strips, politicians, bureaucrats, the statistical Americans who are part of some classification etc.... however if you are "missing in actions" from any of the groupings or networks, you may be not part of any statistic and to many in these groupings, you do not exist. You are outside, looking in just as those who given up looking for work,  are not part of any data network and are considered employed even though they have no job. The Burea of Unemployment did finally provide an estimate of this grouping but only tag about 4 million people in this group.

Compare this to  only about 38 percent  of all Americans qualifying  for unemployment insurance. This translates to  more than 60 percent of all workers  living in  undefined limbo. Many do not exist according to data network. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans exposed a vast underclass living in a silent depression. They could not longer be hidden by some unreported process. It is obvious, the same conditions exist throughout America.  On a global wide basis, governments have becom less sovereign and have become power brokers in a world of shifting partners.Governments find it difficult to fulfill the promise of the entitlements, Gobalism forments disenfranchising of large portion of people. In the U.S.A, only 50 percent of all  possible voters, vote. They feel they are left out - disenfranchised, Meanwhile, the media "networks" can make or break someone or something in an instant mode by direct association or just my leaving the out of the news entirely. They are unnetted and silenced.  Then we have the "technology gods" of high tech and bio tech who work in a space all their own. Logic only applies in particular networkds with millions being "unnetted" with their voices unheard. It is more and more obvious workers have no voice in the process of free trade and globalization.  If free trade had to be ratified by a popular vote, it is obvious it would never be approved by the common man.  A new "ism" follows all this unannounced. This new "ism" has transnational corporations, elite political groupings, world banks and separate international organization like the WTO controlling economic and financial events outside of any democratic process. In the end, it no longer matters if you are a capitalist or a socialist, because the new quiet "ism" of Globalism is running underneath any social or economic definition.  Globalism does not care about particular systems since they will make  money no matter what.  Globalism just keeps feeding off the cheapest labor markets of the world. With at least a billion workers in the world willing to work for practically nothing , the globalist have an endless pool of workers to exploit. The internet itself has taken on a mystical life of its own. It can be described as the Rapture of the Net, a gateway to paradise wherein the internet becomes the general solution for social and cultural relationships. Through it, we are going to fix the schools, reinvent government, link the world in an orgy of mass communications- and all will get rich in the process. The fall of the Dot Coms slowed the process down but in recent years, social networks have created a new artificial society . Many years ago, when the French had their own version of the internet with a hook up in almost every home in France, the people who still had a sense of community. turned away from it. Today,
the artificial internet social networks have rose up in place of real communties and communication. See http://tapsearch.com/communications-by-rank.  In the business world, dirty money is laundered though many "legitimate" businesses.  I suspect the underground economy and the gray market economy is as big as the regular reported economy.  Now the stock market exists no matter how many workers are being fired instead of hired.  President Obama bailed out big money interests and ignored the suffering of millions of people who lost everything. Workers find they have very little control over their destiny and submit to working poor jobs as a way to survive. They have very little control in their work setting as employers shift from place to place anywher in the world in search of cheaper and cheaper labor markets. However, many nations are finding out when production is moved from place to place anywhere in the world , burnt out societies and communities are all that is left. In the end businesses wil find their markets dwindling with a working poor population no longer able to afford to buy even the cheaper imports while the impoverished workers who make the products have no way to rise above their lowly state in life.  Thus the flow of decline takes on a domino effect.  Economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out.  The experiment of free trade and globalization has failed. Instead of tackling the problem head on, the money changers keep trying to manipulate the value of paper money  with the networks of influence now clashing with each other in a wild west economic show. 

The value of workers and labor which perhaps is the best money standard left in the world has been deflated and degraded.  This is bring civil strife across the globe just as Manuel Castells predicted it would be in a Bewildered New World.  This is why movements like Occupy Wall Street are coming on strong.  Millions now know that if they are not part of any network, they do not exist and have no chance for survival.




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