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A House of Cards Economy - Most of the top twenty employers in Cleveland Ohio are government workers, in the medical industry, in education or in banking.  All need or needed government money to survive.  See the number of jobs lost and corporate closed downs in just 1998 while President Clinton wa proclaiming prosperity.  See For whom the bells toll... http://tapsearch.com/workers-dignity-betrayed

In 2008, Pres. Obama had to bail out free trade economics. However, he only bailed out big money interests, Wall street, banks and the too big to fail corporations. He ignored the suffering of millions who lost their jobs and businesses.  He pushes for more trade in 2015 even though he had to mortgage the future to keep the process going. Hopefully, we will get someone  like Trump who comes from the corporate business sector  to stop this economic insanity in 2016.

Pity the nation that does not make or grow its own
products for it will soon be under the power of the one that does...

( Note more jobs losses  and corporate close downs below:)
A Bush Administration Official says the  record breaking trade deficit negatives are over emphasized while they  neglect to comment about a Walmart opening a store in China that has virtually no  products made in the USA  in the store. The trade deficit  with China is overwhelming. Some say the overall trade deficit could have been the equivalent of a $50,000 home for every family  in the USA.
The Official said Germany has a trade surplus but has 10% unemployment while the USA has only 5 1/2 %. ( Real unemployment in the USA is much more. 92 million Americans are jobless.  The unemployment rate is fiction.
The Official  did not get into how Germany collects unemployment rates compared to the USA.  We doubt if they do it like we do in this country polling households since it is impossible  to obtain an real data from the unemployment insurance offices since only about 38% of all Americans qualify for unemployment. Besides this the Germans try to maintain a living wage for the average German worker and  balances out unemployment accordingly.  Here we  have created a working poor class where even someone making only a $100 a month is considered employed.  Neither the media or our poltical leaders question if the statistics are fabricated or manipulated to hide reality.
The loss of jobs continue.  The cuts are endless. Even UPS is closing down a hub in Dayton Ohio cutting 1400 jobs.
Standard and Poor warns that airline cuthroat competion could create "a domino effect" of airline bankruptcies with the airlines seeking to get rid of their pension funds. The government again would have to take over these pension plans  with the taxpayers paying the toll.  Many in the working poor class would end up paying for others pension without ever seeing any themselves. The government pension plan is already broke and needs more funding now. Many of the steelworkers  with pensions now are paid by the government with the tax payers absorbing the cost.
Meanwhile, Mittal Steel Company  plans to cut 45,000 workers worldwide after it completes the purchase of International Steel Group (LSG) who pick up all the assets of bankrupt LTV Steel which in turn took over Republic Steel and J&L Steel. In the process, about 700,000 steel workers and related workers lost their jobs since about 1990.  Over 30 steel companies went broke during this time.
When NAFTA and GATT trade agreements were announced. we were told that anyone who lost their jobs due to the new  trade agreements would be helped. No one got any help in the steel industry or for that matter in all the other companies that closed down or moved outside the USA.
At the same time, companies are still being challenged by federal prosecutors  regarding their accounting practices.  The latest is Krisby Kreme Donuts.
A "money talk" article has a story about a worker who worked as a
nanny and housekeeper and who was paid under the table in these jobs her whole life. Now she is old and can not continue to work but has no Social Security to rely upon because she never paid into it.
How many times has this happened?  Reportedly, only 88 million workers have full time jobs in the USA. This means there is a 100 million workers with only part time jobs, or in the underground economy with many missing in action from any kind of reporting.  How large is the underground economy?  How can anyone talk about Social Security reforms without considering the underground economy and companies moving out of the USA to escape paying the payroll tax.
Who will untangle the terror Globalism and Free Trade have bred?

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