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Who can untangle the terror we are now weaving

It took over a year to put my feelings and thoughts about  the horrors of 9/11 into the CROSS 9/11 TANGLE OF TERROR artwork.  In my art is a cross of steel beams amidst a tangle of twisted pieces of metal and rods. The  steel Cross is not only symbolic  of all who sacrificed their lives like Jesus did  but now it is also symbolic of the crosses of crucifixion the Roman left behind in their wars with people who defied them. Now our country plays this role acting as the Romans of old. Terror is now a tangled mess in an endless loop of terror as terror breeds terror.  As a nation we name a person first as our enemy and then we name a regime but in the end it is the innocent who really suffer and die. 
Regina Brett, writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer puts it all down brilliantly in a few short sentences. She writes that we have lost touch with our priorities. Our economy is in the toilet. Our schools are struggling. Jobs are tight. Health care is still unaffordable. We have lost any smidgen of good will and have made our country a bigger target of  hate. We are now more vulnerable to terrorist attacks and less ready for them because we have sent our money, jobs and manpower abroad. 
Connie Schultz, another writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, writes very perceptively too, telling us that long before our bombs dropped. the children of Saddam Hussein'g Iraq were robbed of their friviolity and fearlessness. She reports from a Time Magazine article about an astonishing increase in cancer, reduced fertility, miscarriages and children born with congenitial defects in Iraq since the first Gulf War, when more than 900,000 depleted uranium-tipped bullets were fireds.  This too is about the number of Iraq children who have died in the past ten years direclty or indirectly due to USA policies. At the same time, our soldiers who suffer the Desert Storm Syndrome with many dying now from being in the last Gulf War, are hidden from our eyes as if they never  existed.
Who can untangle all this terror now. We thank both Regina Brett and Connie Schultz for doing their part in untangling the terror of our times while our leaders keep finding ways to breed more.

New rendition of Cross 911 reflects longest war in
US history and all the wars in the Middle East since 1990

Ray's new Art that Talks and Living Healing Art Gallery at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com
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(The use of Depleted Uranium weapons during the last Gulf War is related to the Gulf War Syndrome. The U.S. Army Environmental Policy Institute Report of 1994 shows that the military is well aware of the drastic health risks  related to these DU weapons. About 100,000 of our own soldiers with many dead or dying now related to the Gulf War Syndrome with the use of DU weapons. The Iraq children and people also have the same syndrome with thousands of Iraq children now dying or dead from the same syndrome. Reportedly, up to 2 million Iraqi civilians  and at least 600,000 children under five are dead related to this syndrome. Over 940,000 30-millimeter uranium tipped bullets and more than 14,000 large caliber DU rounds were used during the last Desert Storm War.  Between 300 and 800 tons of DU bullets are scattered on the ground in Iraq and Kutwait.  As radioactive dust, it is easily ingested.  Hundreds of thousand of soldiers and innocent people were and still are exposed to these highly toxic, radioactive weapons. When inhaled or ingested, the depleted uranium particles cause chemical and radioactive damage to the bronical tree, kidneys, liver and bones along with genetic damage in births.   When a depleted uranium tipped shell strikes, the impact also vaporizes the depleted uranium creating an aerosol of radioactive heavy-metal particles that can spread a far as a 190 miles on the wind. These particles can still be active and  one wonders how our nation could send our own troops into this situation again. ) ( For more information, just search on Google etc for depleted uranium bullets used in Iraq.)

Click picture for Chuck Harder Worldwide Radio
An excellent overview of about the realities of our times.
Click on Chuck Harder's picture for his home page at http://www.chuckharder.com  There you have several selections and you can listen to Chuck's For the People talk show on the internet.  Ray Tapajna dedicated two  of his artworks to Chuck Harder whois truly an American hero. The American Dream is Burning and The American Worker Locked out of the American Dream can be viewed there.  Click on For the People page and the two artworks can be viewed and enlarged there. 
Chuck Harder has been a long time advocate of fair trade and human dignity in the workday. He is an intellectual with a down home delivery.  We suggest that all radio stations consider carrying his program. He has a proven himself for over ten years and has many top experts with excellent credentials as guests. Dr Pat Choate has been on this programs frequently. All who  are ready to help restore the American Dream , should support Chuck Harder and his For the People endeavors.
..... from  America in Terror essay by Chuck Harder....
Now in my late 50s, I grew up in a much different America. Bulldozer operators used to live next to doctors and dentists in my neighborhood A long haul-truck-driver, boat repairman and school teacher lived down the street. My Dad was President and part owner of a properous factory- yet we lived in the same subdivision as our neighbor who was a plumber.   Our country was different  then. Greed was under control and everyone had  hope for the future. Good jobs were plentiful and people didn't have to move awy from  home and thus extended families cared for each other.
    Factories were located in about all USA home-twons and  "Now Hiring" signs were everywhere. Life was slower and good. Most Families had savings accounts and were paying for their homes.
    You could get a good job that would allow you to support your family - no matter what your level of education. Those days are over due to "free-trade" and "globalism."
     Factories producing merchandise thats used to pay a living wage in the USA have been moved offshore where local people in third world nations are mistreated by global corporations who only pay the "slave wages."
     About 10,000 factories and untold million of jobs have been moved offshore in the name of "free trade."  Those left behind in the USA find that service jobs won't replace the income lost when factories close.  We are turning into a "caste society" almost like India. Unless you are born to be a family of resources, you may be trapped forever into a poverty cycle and unable sto form a normal family. The "welfare industry" has prospered while rank-and-file Americans have lost the dream of a better life.
     Many of us remember the "Flash Gordon" movie serials. In one episode (Circa 1935), The evil Emperor "Ming the Merciless" had  Flash and Docto Zarkov bound in chains and sent as slaves to work until death in the prison city  of the Hawkmen. Naturally we all cheered when Ming was killed.
     Go fast-forward from 1935 science-fiction to today's actual facts. Millions of local people in third-world countries ae only making pennies-per-hour in overseas sweatshops. Working for merciless bosses and under great fear, they manufacture merchandise and electronics items that they could never afford to buy. And after a 12 hour day of working in terrible conditions they return home to just a shack occupied by many others and probably can only afford a bowl of soup and rice. Are they not wage-slaves? Emperor Ming would be smiling- but hated by all. Perhaps you can now understand why our USA policy of "predatory capitalism" and "free trade" is hated around the world. Thus, it si us who are viewed as Ming or "The Great Satan".
     The Volkswagen car used to be made in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA. VW located there due to a special package of deals from the state government. Before the deals ran out, VW moved to Mexico for cheaper labor, The September 6, 2001, BBC reported of VW announcing that after the settlement of a 19 day strike at their Mexican plant- and due to the resulting rise in wages from the settlement - they would now move thier capital from Mexico to  Asia. Emperor Ming would be pleased by  all this.
     ..............Family and personal savings in the USA are almost nonexistent today. The average family owes a mortgage and about an additional $8,000 or more on credit cards- often they had to use them to supplement an income that does not make ends meet. ( It was reported recently that 48% of all small businessmen have maxed out their personal credit cards trying to keep their businesses afloat.)  With no good entry level jobs available, jail is actually a "step-up" for many that have no hope of a good life ahead. ( The USA prison population keeps breaking records and the  USA now has the largest prison population in the world based on the general population. The total is now over 2 million in jail.)
     ........Rodger Doyle wrote in the 02/01 edition of THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN that, "In 1929 the top 1 percent held a 44 percent share of all personal assets, but by 1976 their share had sunk to 20  percent.......
     Today the numbers are almost back to about the 1929 level.... but those numbers are only part of the troubled current equation- the dispartiy of wages and wealth has runaway in the USA.  In 1980, the corporate CEOs made 42 times more that the average factory-workers. Today that CEO makes 475 times the pay of those toiling in the "back room."
......and then there is bankruptcy: in 1980, 287,570 individuals filed- which is paled compared to the 1,217,972 cases last year.
...... Although the alarm bells are sounding, Washington refuses to hear them. Just like the deaf ear that was turned to the recent warnings overseas before the Spetember 11, 2001 terrorist attack. And yes, Washington knew back in 1941 that the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor. Instead of radioing the warning, the message was sent by Western Union ans arrived there minutes before the bombs dropped.
Some economists calculate that the  "trade deficit losses" over the last 30 years approaches 3 trillion dollars. (If a billion is a thousand million, then how much is a trillion? Figure a modest  home at $
80,000 and do the math here and you will be astounded.)  Those who embrace "free trade" all forget to explain how you pay an ongoing trade-deficits. Answer: You print more money. Thus a 15 cent loaf of bread around the year 1964 now costs well over a dollar - or even more...Those who saved money for their retirement years now find that those dollars buy much less today. Unlike the Federal Reserve - they can't print more dollars - they re stuck with what they have.
( Both President Clinton and President Bush tell us that  one billion dollars in exports creates 250,000 jobs. If this is true, in reverse,  how many jobs are lost with the 3 Trillion dollars trade deficits based on  imports instead of exports.)
Returning manufacturing will internalize the economy to about the 1964 level, and real personal wealth will rise, inflation contained and the  multiplier of money recirculating will rekindle the "miracle of Main Street." To do this we must stop financial bleeding from purchasing oil from the Middle East or elswhere.
Various studies have found that there is enough solar energy fallinf on the Badlands of the West to more than power the entire USA if properly converted. One way to do that is to pump sea water inland and crack it into hydrogen and oxgen via solar panels that perfectly provide teh direct-current needed. Until hydrogen is online, we have plenty of gas products such as; liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG, and propane.
This national emergency gives us the opportunity to restore America. Argonne National Labs finds that it takes 328 Btu s to move a ton one mile by rail. Moving the same tone a mile by jet air takes 21,760 Btu s. Go back to rail, give hydrogen franchise to the existing oil companies (who know how to safely market and distribute energy), and end dependence on foreign oil.  (The Middle East does things very differently than we do and it  will take centuries for both sides to be compatible.)
Cope with the new paradigm by rebuilding our rail systems, we can then travel across our nation via new trains in comfortable compartments with TV, voice and  data hookups - at a safe and energy-efficient 80 MPH right now and faster as we rebuild. Convert gasoline vehicles now to abundant CNG, LNG or propane; diesels can run on a mixture of soy oil, ethanol and diesel fuel. Curtail the need for foreign oile; restore our Merchant Marine and trans-Atlantic ships; employ all those on welfare - at least get something for the trillions we now spend on direct paymetns to people.  ( I personally never met a person who did not really want to work.)
So, we are at a turning point. We are now bombing targets overseas while recent USDA statistics document that 12 million US children are going to bed hungry each night here at home. Worse, the phrase "nation building" is creeping into the rhetoric from Washington. Now we are told that we will have to rescue Afghanistan and rebuild the country to save the innocent people. Excuse me, but we have taxpayers in teh USA who are displaced and ignored by their own government. Nation building? Start at the Mississippi Delta and the go North, East and West. Our people deserve no less.  ( Many  sections of our cities  including Washington DC and many if our small towns look like third world countries while we go out to rebuild other lands.)
While  you re connecting the dots, realize that many of the giant cranes no used to remove rubble at "ground zero" in New York bear the names: Komatsu, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi. Like electronic, computers adn ot her general merchandise, we have also lost much of our manfucaturing capacity fo critical equipment to offshore corporations, We are now at war and need to maintain our national security.
What if the various overseas suppliers that we depend on today- all said, "No." Or, what if the lines of supply are cut? And why did we let our steel industry go bankrupt? Answer: Our government sets up speed limits on our highways , puts white lines in the center of roads and makes other regulations to protect us... except for jobs.
Thus my final thought: We better bring the factories back in the name of national security and fix America while we can. The time is now, the need has never been greater.

NAFTA unfair trade agreement is not that new!The USA started shipping factories to Mexico in 1956.

It was supposed to be just a temporary trial to help the Mexican economy while in turn we were supposed to enjoy lower prices for our economy. Somehow, the program was supposed to upgrade the Mexican work force while aiding the USA economy too.  It never worked.  Our government actually gave manufacturers money and incentives to make the move. USA taxpayers actually paid to have their jobs moved outside the  USA. The factories in Mexico were and are called 'maquiladoras' taken from the Spanish word 'maquila' which stood for that portion of grain a miller keeps as his payment for grinding a farmer's grain.  The 'maquiladora factories'  were supposed to be just temporary- just a year or two until the Mexican unemployment problem went away and America would then returned to manufacturing at home. As we know it did not happen.  By 1979, there were 120 US factories in the program,  By the early 1980s, there were 400. By 1992, there were 2,000.  Since NAFTA was passed in 1993, 2,000 more US factories moved to Mexico. Now there are more than 4,000 former US factories in Mexico.  Right after NAFTA was passed, President Clinton funded Mexico  at least 20 Billion dollars if not more to keep the Peso afloat.  Again the American worker paid out more money to send their jobs outside the USA.

Now after over 40 years, everything is worst in both countries. We created a working poor class here  and in Mexico the total cost for labor including everything- medical, insurance,taxes, production facilities and other miscellaneous benefits add up to only $1.50 to $1.60 per hour cost by the employer. The Mexicans workers makes much less this the the total labor cost for any manufacturer who wants to escape the overhead of our entitlement society, payroll taxes etc and all the ecology regulations in this country. Nothing makes sense. The working poor class created here in the USA can not buy that much to make it work and the destitute workers in Mexico and other similar countries around the world ( Total of 10,000 former US factories are outside the USA ) can not buy the things they make ( in Mexico, the new car plants don't need to  have employee parking lots) let alone buy anything we have left to sell. Both NAFTA and GATT relocation of production from place to place based on the cheapest labor markets is a race to the bottom for all.

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