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Democrats limit choice when it comes to the 15% of Democrats  in Congress  who are Pro Life.  Several tried to voice their position  at recent past conventions  but were not able to get their views put in the platform.  The Democrats for Life were also denied a link to their site on the Democrat Party's site. Accordingly,  the  Pro Choice Democrats are totalitarian  and really do not allow any real choice.
Also the power of choice seems to apply to one of the three persons in an abortion. The child and father are not allowed any choice in the matter.  The child, the innocent third party has no choice and  is terminated.  Nothing is said about the child's rights.
Roe versus Wade also was based on the Supreme Court not knowing when life begins. Today,  babies are living outside the womb earlier and earlier. The Supreme Court should at least take this in consideration in revising Roe versus Wade.  Otherwise, they defy common sense and the law automatically.

2009- Democrat Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and others in Congress unite to exclude the provision in the health care bill that would force all taxpayers to pay for abortions as a medical procedure.  The Democrat controlled Senate as of December 2009 are attempting to force this on all taxpayers.  Are liberals really liberals when they force their views on everyone including those who hold abortion as killing a baby. 
From Cleveland Plain Dealer Opinion Page by Ray Tapajna and Robb Durr , January 27, 2003 ________________________________________________________________
Death penalty, abortion: matters of  life, death  _________________________________________
     Regina Brett  ( re.: column comparing abortion and capital punishment. ) clouds the issue of abortion in comparing it to capital punishment. In an abortion, an innocent third party is "executed," having nothing to do with the actions of the primary parties. There is no call from the governor to stop the procedure.  
     Furthermore, with Roe v. Wade, we have a society that participates in what many of us feel is a "baby holocaust."  And by using the terms embryos and fetuses, a subhuman slant is put on th exercise itself. This opens the door to "mercy killing"  and God knows what in the manipulation of human parts.
     Finally, it is ludicrous to lump the right-to-lifers as seemingly being universal in their support of capital punishment. The Pope himself forgave the man who tried to kill him.  
      By Ray Tapajna 01/27/03
      Regarding Regina Brett's column on George W. Bush's day to promote the sancity of human life:
      The question isn't, "How can someone promote pro-life and (not) oppose capital punishment," but rather, "How can someone be against the execution of murders, etc, and not decry the killing of millions of innocent babies?" 
       By Robb Durr 01/27/03

Fight isn't over
----------------------------by Ray Tapajna, from Cleveland Plain Dealer , 12/6/92 offended by Charles Krauthammer's column titled  "The Great Abortion Debate is finally over." (with the election of Clinton in '92)
As far as Charles Krauthammer's article is concerned, the great abortion debate is not over until we answer a few more questions. 
    1. Is the fetus just a mass of tissue or is it human life? 
    2. Does a doctor actually crush and dissect parts of an infant in many abortions?
    3. Will a nurse who refuses to take part in an abortion have equal rights in her job description?
    4. Are we just ruled by consensus or is there more? 
    5. Isn't the Supreme Court supposed to be above the politcal fray?
    6. Clinton only got 43 per cent of the vote. That means 57 per cent did  not want him. Does this mean he received the    democratic sanction?(Actually, if all possible voters are counted- since only 50% of all eligible voters vote- Clinton got less than 22 % of the vote.)
    7. About one third of us most likely believe abortion is a holocaust. How can we work with the whole with this belief? 
    8. Is there an order of things that governs the whole?
    9. Is that order based on a common good, a greatest number  or a fractional good for every individual? 
   10. What good will ultimately rule the energy of a democratic society?
    Then Krauthammer brought in the idea that Republicans suicidally carried on against the New Deal and they betternot do the same with abortion. I am not a Republican, I am a Reagan Democrat. I may not even be a Democrat as we know it today. I suspect that there are millions out there who are alot like me. We also question if the New Deal was worth the mortgaging of our children's future. Perhaps we can even link the mortgage to the abortion issue itself. It is time to start the debate.

Yes! abortion is also a social economic geopolitical problem too.  ---------------------------------
What if we lost 40 million Americans in a war. Most likely we would have contingency plans invoked to cover this loss. Abortion pulls out a main pillar supporting our whole stucture. It is like pulling out a   main support of a suspension bridge. Immigration has filled the void somewhat but it came in an uncontrollable fashion as we have a vast aging population maturing now. We lost a generation through abortion to support the vast aging population along with the rest of our entitlement culture.  If an innocent third party  are dismissed as non-entities, what will we do with all the aged when the numbers become too great for us to handle.  It is bad enough that we have exported much of our value added economy that supported our entitlement society that cared for those who no  longer can care for themselves  but now also have to deal with power making it right to take out Americans who do not have the power to fend for themselves from the first moment of conception to a person's last breath.
I see hints of these tendencies across the board in the way we now experience many things in a survival of the fittest fashion.  I suspect future generations will  just couple us with the holocaust when they try to find answers to why we did the things we did regarding abortion.

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