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U.S. Plays Dangerous Game of Globalism

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U.S. Plays Dangerous Game of Globalism
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The front cover of U.S. News & World Report (Jan 13,2003 issue) had this title: The American Empire... Is the U.S. trying to shape the world? Should it? The article inside gets into many areas including what our Founding Fathers believed. They were dedicated unilaterallists and the  the phrase " no entangling alliances" applied. The idea came from George Washington in his farewell message.  He  said, "It is our true  policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world."  Obviously, this is not U.S. policy today. President Franklin Roosevelt said, "economic diseases are highly communicable."  However free trade economics is like sex, you get what the lowest common denominator gets and in  a big dose.   

This is our main point in the letter below. A 1950 Army Manual made similar points. Back then, it said the U.S. was very fortunate not having to  depend on oil and other items controlled by foreign nations and especially by oil from the Middle East.

Pundits like Gilbran said to pity the nation that does not make or grow its own things for that nation will soon be under the power of the one that does.  The U.S. is on a terrible course  of self-destruction trying to steer a whole world in their own frame of reference. They trying to do it while they move their production to faraway places. History and many in the world see the U.S. as a child playing imperialists.  Actually as far as its time in history, the U.S. is still a child in the game of ancient histories. 

Hundred years of history shows, the Middle East has its own order of things. The U.S. is ignoring it and what happened during the crusades.  Not much is different today.  The U.S. trying to arrange the geopolitical settings their own way is backfiring. The government is acting like a broker and dealer across the globe with their interests spreads across the world. It leads to a new kind of colonialism and the U.S. is not anywhere near to what the British Empire once was for centuries.
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a must read. See our review at http://tapsearch.com/amazon-friends  ( and also note the free books offered there too. )

Review John Perkins book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". Click here to go his site which has several good links telling his story about his part in the economic assaults on other nations by elite groups, our government and the World Banks. Note especially the links to Amy Goodman for good overviews.

U.S. plays at the dangerous game of Globalism
Elizabeth Sullivan is a journalistic treasure. She is an all-in-one expert, journalist, reporter, essayist and historian. Any reader who disagrees or agrees knows she has done her homework and does not merely pick things out from the wire services like so many other reporters seem to do. She wades right into the meat of the problems of our times.
In the (Dec. 15 ) Forum section, she got into the thick of things again on why the rest of the world hates us so much. She points out that 15 percent fo Americans say they sometimes go hungry. This is a real indication that we have a difficult problem resolving our own economic woes while we  go around the world telling others how to live.
The United States is the teenager of world history who tries to tell its elders how they should act. At the same time, by moving our production and factories to faraway places we have resumed economic colonialism with the need to protect our interests almost everywhere in the world. Many in the world now see us as a childlike, imperialistic nation that partakes in a new slave trade based on wage slaves in the cheapest labor markets of the world. It is obvious that we play like children with globalism, not really knowing how  dangerous it is.
(Cleveland's ) The Plain Dealer and all of us should be proud to have such a refreshing perceptive voice like Sullivan's crying out fromt he wilderness of jingoism fostered by our political leaders and other channels of the media. 
By Ray Tapajna
From The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sat., Dec. 28, 2002 / B10 by Ray Tapajna :
(Elizabeth Sullivan excells in reporting the geopolitcal aspects of the Middle East and the Balkans. Her husband served in Desert Storm War and in Northern Iraq Kurd country too. He died of cancer a few years later and  apparently, Elizabeth Sullivan is dedicated to defining the geopolitical influences surrounding this area of the world and she does it in an exacting objective manner.  She also explores the responsible leadership role our country should follow.  ( Search under  Elizabeth Sullivan Cleveland Plain Dealer and for more of our observations about her, search under Ray Tapajna Elizabeth Sullivan.)  She is now the Editor of the Editorial section of the newspaper and is not  able to write the number of articles she once did.
(In reference to Dick Feagler's 'drop gun' column in the Plain Dealer)
Dick Feagler uses the analogy of a 'drop gun' in finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  He suggests that if there is no evidence, it will be created.  Sadly,  not
too many in the USA care any more.  They have forgotten why we went to war in the first place.
Also it seems no one wants to bring up the 100,000 veterans from the last Gulf War who are suffering from the Gulf War Syndrome and how many will be affected this time.  How could the US send troops back into this area without any answers regarding the causes.
President Wilson in World War 1 had about 75,000 'Four Minute" men cross the nation telling about the horrible savage German "Huns".  It worked so well that Wilson had a problem after the war to reverse himself for the sake of any real peace.  Others insisted that Germany should be just one big farm land without any factories. This created a vacuum for someone like Hitler to rise up.  A similar situation now exists in the Middle East with others like Saddam and Bin Laden waiting in the wings for their opportunity.
Many Americans safe in the suburbs watch the war on TV as if it was some kind of 4th of July celebration. 
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