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THE REAL WAR! The Pearl Harbor attack on Workers continues... Led by Pres. Clinton and Rep Gingrich, Sen Dole and Rush Limbaugh on Talk Radio in 1994. This editorial cartoon was first published in 1994.
Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7th 2001 - LTV Steel closes - Steel industry dies -  ( search under the Sacrilege - Walmart built in the grave yard of the steel industry). Same year, Pres Bush joins the attack hiding America's economic crisis behind his shock and awe wars. More than a million workers in my industry, the computer industry,  lost their jobs
In 2009, Pres Obama takes over and bails out big money and puts them back in charge of the process ignoring the fact that free trade has more than 20 year history of failures.  Pres. Obama ignores the suffering of all who lost their jobs with many losing much more.
Pearl Harbor Attack on Workers...Free Trade Trap
led by Pres. Clinton, Gingrich - with Pres Bush and Pres Obama joining in the attack
( The Pearl Harbor Attack on Workers editorial cartoon, first published in 1994,  is in the top 30 at a worldwide graphics forum at http://www.graphicsforums.com/public/search.asp?query=Ray+Tapajna  ..click on sort by ratings and or hits  to view the rankings of Ray's art - The Clinton Years - The American Dream Reversed is currently number 1 worldwide in terms of hits with Who Has the Key? The American Worker is Handcuffed  is currently number 2 ) 
........In 1994, Gingrich "Newt" us with the "Contract with America" but never mentioned NAFTA or GATT trade agreements in the contract. Rush Limbaugh who was instrumental in getting the new "Contract-  Republicans elected hid any  NAFTA and GATT discussions never telling what  his stand was on Free Trade until after the election. Then he loudly proclaimed his backing of both NAFTA and GATT - saying on his radio program that he did not care if even  64 year olds lost their jobs due to the new trade agreements. Senator Dole told everyone that his whole state was against his voting for GATT but he voted for it anyway.  And who  led the way joining hands in the passage of both NAFTA and GATT.  President Clinton, a Democrat and a Democrat controlled Congress passed both. GATT was passed in a lameduck session of Congress called by Clinton even though the Republicans won Congress.  Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton looked down on it all and said  IT IS GOOD!...
 In 2001- President Bush joined in the process  in the bombing of American Workers and got Fast Track passed Dec 7th 2001 giving the Executive Branch control over so called Free Trade. December 7th, 200l  LTV ( formerly Republic Steel, J & L Steel and LTV Steel went bankrupt for the second time and closes down completely- The government takes over the Pension Plan and all pensions are now paid by the taxpayers. )
President Bush in essence says -- It is nothing personal - It's  just Business and does nothing to counter our desparate economy and starts a war in Iraq. NAFTA, GATT and FAST TRACK stand as a time of infamy in our history as a Pearl Harbor attack on American Workers and The American Dream.

In 2009, Pres. Obama takes over and bails out big money while ignoring all those who lost their jobs with many losing everything.  He marries big money to big government and puts them back in charge of the attack. In 2011, Rep Gingrich is running for president and is set to take over the attack.
President Clinton pressured a Lameduck Democratic controlled Congress to pass the GATT trade agreement. He had them come back during the Thanksgiving holiday  even though the new Contract with America Republicans had won the election and were going to take over in January.  Free trade was a failure from the start with President Clinton having to bail out the Mexican peso and the Mexican economy just months after getting NAFTA trade agreement passed.  It should be noted that the first bail out went to a foreign nation  and was a sign of things to come.  In 1998, the Federal Trade Commission published our letter relating to their study of the Made in the USA label.  We titled it  - If this is a good economy, I would hate to see a bad one.  The article listed 35 points showing the sad state of our economy back then.  The list still applies today and not that much has changed.

The y2k crisis did pour billions of dollars into the economy to fix the computer software  during this time. It was artificial money and covered the real happenings of that time.  It acted as a temporary stimulus package.  We kept a list of all the jobs that were lost and all the companies that closed down that year.  The economy took one of the biggest hits in history in the 1990s but it was hidden by the billions pouring in a state of emergency to fix the y2k problems.
The Cross of 9/11 - Who can untangle the terror
free trade and globalization have bred
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/12/03 by DICK FEAGLER, noted  newspaper and TV columnist, ________________________________________________
Dennis Kucinich for president? Well, why not? 
(Tapart News Editor comment- Dennis Kucinich represents a metapmorphosis  and for others like myself who come from the Conservative ranks. We do not personally know if we can endorse Rep. Kucinich because we contradicts his anti-war stand with his stand on abortion  but in many other areas, Dennis represents the voice in the wilderness. Perhaps his years of political exile served him well and he had the opportunity to stand back and observe what the common man and the common good is all about. As we are finding out now, Globalism does not care if you are a Communist, Socialist or Capitalist. All it cares about is controlling the masses through Trans-national corporations and Global entities like NAFTA, GATT and The World Trade Organization outside the consent of any Democratic process. Both President Bush and President Clinton joined hands in bombing out workers everywhere.  Kucinich was one of the first to come out against unfair trade and "Wag the Dog" wars to hide the real problems of our times.)
Dick Feagler says,  Congressman Dennis Kucinich should run for President even if he can't win because he tells it like it is.  Feagler says,  It appears certain that we are about to go to war with Iraq but after we win where will we be? Having kicked over the hornet's nest,.....angry enemies will buzz around, venom intact, to sting us. (See our editorial cartoon about this reality.)  Feagler goes on.... Kucinich has been a voice of calm and reason ......
There are not many like him.  Feagler reports that his mail and phone calls overwhelmingly (his guess is 15-1) object to the war against Iraq.   ....Colin Powell said that everything had changed after 9-11. He's right. Our new day demands more philosophy than a reprise of the old "The Yanks are Coming" battle cry.  Few in Congress have the guts or vision to see that. ( Rep Marcy Kaptur is another Congress person who has the same vision of Globalism and unfair trade breeding wars and terrorism.)
....Dennis Kucinich has both the guts and vision. Will he be the next President? No way. Would I (Dick Feagler ) vote for him tomorrow? In a heartbeat.
Based on Dick Feagler's column 02/12/03

Rep Marcy Kaptur is running agains Rep Dennis Kucinich in the 2012 election. She has led the way in showing how free trade destroys the real free enterprise process. Ross Perot asked her to be his running mate when he ran for president noting free trade was a race to the bottom.  Now we face the future where are economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out -- as we wait for the next financial bubble to burst...
Terrorism begets Terrorism- Who can untangle the tangle of terror- as noted in The Cross 9-11 Tangle of Terror artwork? This is the ultimate question of our times.



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And note Hillary wasn't home baking cookies when her husband pushed the passage of free trade economics. Running for president in 2015-16, she is trying to hide her part in the process.
See http://tapsearch.com/backfire/

Original Clinton Years American Dream Reverse has
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