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Critical Factor News - Ray Tapajna
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Cross 9/11 Tangle of Terror Art - Who can untangle the terror globalization and free trade have bred
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Ray Tapajna Pages , Tapart News and Art that Talks and Tapsearch Com Networks  thank friends and many experts who predicted the coming of the Bewildered New World as it is today  and  economic crisis more than  years ago.......
We thank all our friends from the past especially those close friends who have passed on. Many raised large families with only one spouse working. They all were dedicated to human dignity in the work place. Tapart News is based on this history of living experiences from real lives. I will mention only their first names here for privacy reasons.  First we bless the families of  all those who are in heaven now.... John (Archie), Joe and Flo, Bill and Joan, Pat, Bud, Dave, Dick, Jack, Bill (Judge) , George, Bill (Teacher ), Sally, Tim, Jim, Jack, Father Bill,  Tony and Rita and many more. See http://tapsearch.com/confessions-for-history  ( We will add more as our memory serves us.) 
Expert References include Chuck Harder, Dr Pat Choate, Manuel Castell, Sir James Goldsmith, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Pat Buchanan, Rep Dennis Kucinich, Katherine S. Newman, David Kline and Lou Dobbs.
CHUCK HARDER: We first heard him on the For the People radio talk show. He  was one of the first to sound the alarm about  Free Trade and Globalization. He is an American hero. He had Doctor Pat Choate on his program for years starting in about 1992. Later Pat Choate ran as the Vice President Candidate with  Ross Perot.  Chuck Harder's site is at http://www.chuckharder.com  or search under this name and/or For the People for thousands of more references.
DOCTOR PAT CHOATE: He has his doctorate in Economics and is a top expert in the field. He has written six books related to Globalization and Free Trade. There are thousands of references searching on Google under his name.
MANUEL CASTELL: He has written many books on the subject of Globalization and Free Trade.  He comes from the Spanish revolution but evolved into a Populist honored throughout the world as one of the best experts in the field of Globalization and Free Trade. At first, being a Conservative Populist, we were cautious about his works but could not find anything that challenges our own Conservative Populist view flowing from Teddy Roosevelt.
SIR JAMES GOLDSMITH:  He was a corporate raider and best know as taking over corporations like BF Goodrich for pennies on the dollar. He later changed his world view of things and became a top political leader in both France and England. He was born in France and educated in England. He wrote the book The Trap which all should read especially if you are part of the corporate world. The Trap was about Free Trade being a trap. He died in 1997 after contributing 40 million dollars to the reform party in England.
REPRESENTIVE MARCY KAPTUR: She has fought for workers dignity for many years and Perot asked her to run as his Vice President candidate in Perot first campaign for President. She continues to be an American hero in the contest for social justice and human dignity in the workday.
PAT BUCHANAN: He was the first Conservative Populist to take up the cause of social justice as a top spokesman and later ran for President on both the Republican and Reform Party ticket. He continues his fight for workers dignity and speaks out about it no matter what the cost.
REPRESENTATIVE DENNIS KUCINICH. He is far too liberal for us but we have to let all know that he leads the way in speaking out against the unfair trade agreements in NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA etc and wants to close down the World Trade Organization. His voice is still a lonely voice but we are thankful it is heard. He is running for President the second time around and if nothing else happens the Democrats will be challenged since President Clinton led the way in passing both NAFTA and GATT. History will show that it was a Democrat President and a Democrat controlled Congress that passed both NAFTA and GATT.  Electing Hillary Clinton as President is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.
KATHERINE NEWMAN: She was one of the first to write a book about the conditions in the work place caused by Free Trade. She wrote Falling from Grace in 1992 depicting the fall of the Middle Class in the USA. We refer this book as a major study in the field.
DAVID KLINE: He introduced us to the writings of Manuel Castell. He covered him and Free Trade in many periodicals including UPSIDE MAGAZINE which was a rare high tech investment source which also features writers who challenged the establishment. He directly challenged Free Trade as the cause of millions losing their jobs and also wrote about the demise of the Silicone Valley golden age.
LOU DOBBS:  He is relentless in his quest for social justice and workers dignity on CNN. He too, is an American hero.
( There are others we study but these are the main experts behind Tapart News and Art That Talks real world news from the streets of USA. )  Some have done the walk before they talk which is different from the elite groupings who never had a real job including President Clinton and President Bush.
For thousands of resources, references and articles, search under Tapsearch.com, Tapart News, Ray  Tapajna Pages, tapsearcher and/or arklineart. 
Ray Tapajna's bio at http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna

The core of our economic storms -
The Clinton Years, The American Dream Reversed



Ray's most popular topical editorial art online  is part of millions of references &  resources on the worldwide web. Search under - Clinton Years American Dream Reversed or Double Talk from the land of is. See story at http://tapsearch.com/clinton
And note Hillary wasn't home baking cookies when her husband pushed the passage of free trade economics. Running for president in 2015-16, she is trying to hide her part in the process.
See http://tapsearch.com/backfire/

Original Clinton Years American Dream Reverse has
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