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No accounting for Federal Reserve, "Unfair Trade"- vote out all who voted for it :

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No accounting for Federal Reserve, "Unfair Trade"- vote out all who voted for it :
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By Ray Tapajna from Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2000

Thank you for publishing the article by William Greider regarding the Federal Reserve (March 15). Truly, the Federal Reserve is not part of our government as the name applies, nor are there reserves to back up our money. The Federal Reserve is a super, master bank of banksand acts as a shadow government run by an unelected official.

Presidents come and go, and all seem to be afraid of counteracting the Federal Reserve. Today interest rates are the major tool the Federal Reserve uses to control economic events. * It is a very fine-tuned system that has become very frail in controlling the economy due to all the concentration put on this approach alone.

The public still stands in awe of t his bank of banks and shies away from asking for an accounting of what it does. We have a statistical prosperity but hidden inside of it is a silent depression for many.

Note: Who else can create money out of nothing and then manipulate it in various ways to grow values.

Former presidential candidate and now his son presidential candidate Rand Paul seem to be the only ones who challenge the Federal Reserve and call for an audit of it.

Special Note. During a stimulus debate in the Bush years,

a congress woman asked Ben Bernanke, then Chairman of the Federal Reserve what was the best way to stimulate the economy. Bernanke surprising replied the best way to stimulate the economy is to "buy domestically produced goods." His recommendation went unheeded but now we have presidental candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Rand Paul saying the same thing. It took a long time to get the message out.


Free Trade Policies Weakens  America

By: Ray W. Tapajna from Cleveland Plain Dealer, largest newspaper in Ohio.

Regarding the July 6 editorial "Cut back on sanctions" : How long is the Plain Dealer going to pass on the facade of free trade? Free trade is based on moving production from place to place based on the lowest common denominator of cheaper and cheaper labor. It is not based on trading products per se.

When much of our added value economy is moved outside the United States, what will take its place in supporting our entitlement culture and society? The real issue of our times is to admit that free trade is a complete disaster and that we must b ring back our factories and real jobs to this country. It is timeto bring back the American Dream we once knew.

(Note: this letter was published more than ten years ago and finally someone is saying the same. It sounds alot like what Donald Trump is saying in 2015.)

By: Ray W. Tapajna from Cleveland Plain Dealer, largest newspaper in Ohio.

Sorry... but we are serving other customers......
The American Dream is put on Hold

Gilbran following other pundits in past history, said, pity the nation that does not grow or make its own products for that nation will be under the power of the nation that does.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur has said similar things for years. Our basic sovereignty is threatened by globalization. The World Trade Organizaton represents secret unaccountable bureaucracy as our precious sovereignty is eroding. We create enemies in the process stirring up things that were dormant before we interrupted history. We create  enemies in the process of pushing our ways over others ways

Manuel Castells who has written many books about Globalization, says when businesses move constantly from one locale to another, the social cost and the economic costs ends up with burn out societies and eventually burn out production too. When societies separate investments from production, they enter into a global casino where anything goes. So called free trade is not free at all. It takes tariffs off products and puts them on workers instead. Workers become the commodities being traded. And wage slave labor creates a new slave trade in our times.

Time to vote out all who supported the unfair trade agreements that eroded the American Dream

By Ray Tapajna , from the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2002.
Not much has changed over the years except a new working poor class is in place with the production worker middle class destroyed.

Congressmen Tom Sawyer of Ohio was defeated because of his supporting unfair trade, that destroyed the high paid production jobs in the USA in the betrayal of workers and the American Dream. However, he proved to be a rarity. Now is the time to vote out all in Congress who still support the horrors of free trade economics. Rep Dennis Kucinich made a bold stand against the free trade agreements that caused millions to lose their jobs and businesses and "the establishment" destroyed him.

President Clinton promised us many new jobs when NAFTA and GATT were passed in 1993. However this is what happened instead. More than 10,000 U.S. factories were moved outside of the U.S. and the dignity of workers was betrayed. The value of workers and labor was degraded. This represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever.

The same applies to the record breaking trade deficit which also represents trillions of even more dollars lost forever.

Still " the establishment " in both parties call for more of the same joining hands with President Obama in pushing super trade bills where secrecy is the rule of the game.


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