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Top Journalists- Dick Feagler of the Plain Dealer says, Peace in Iraq doesn't look like a dove. Peace in Iraq is a skull and crossbones and Elizabeth Sullivan tells who supplied Iraq with weapons in the first place.
Based on Dick Feagler's column- Aug 03,
Last May, when the commander-in- chief declared that the Iraq war was over and we had won it, 138 of out troops had died.  In July, when he was ask about continuing attacks by terrorist hi-squads, the president said, "Bring 'em on!"
And now more troops have died in the so called peace than they did during the war. We are in Iraq, as an army of occupation with hostile forces all around us. We are a magnet for terrorist, and the hostile forces can strike at will. There is no worse situation for an army than this.
Day by day, the trust  we put into George W. Bush is turning into ashes. If we have a foreign policy other than "Bring 'em on!", I haven't heard it.  I'VE HEARD EVEN LESS
I vite Republican in most elections. But I'll tell you this. If there is a Democrat with guts out there in the weeds, I say :  BRING 'EM ON!
(Who will enforce the peace? Other commentators tell us that we need to have a Iraq police force to control events. However, Iraq should be at least four different nations because of their extreme diversity internally. From what grouping should the police or army come from with each having their own allegiances. Only infighting will come with  another grouping being created as cronies of the USA. The same would apply to the UN as a force replacing  the USA. It is a no win situation and was just  a no win situation from the start.)

Based on Elizabeth Sullivan's column Aug. 03
A group of 1991 Gulf War veterans who believe Iraqi chemical weapons  caused  their many infirmities and the birth defects of some of their children are presenting a dossier listing the suppliers to claim damages from scores of firms they allege helped Saddam Hussein build chemical weapons in the 1980s.  ( Note too that
Iran used them too during the Iraq Iran war.)
Prior to Desert Storm  war, Saddam was favored by the Western governments who didn't  want Iran to win the 1980s war.  Donald Rumsfield visited Babhad on the very day scientists on a U.N. team announced they'd retrieved evidence showing chemical weapons were being used against Iranians with horrific results.
In the 1980s, the U.S. government approved the sale to Iraq of scores of samples of anthrax, botulinum toxins, salmonella and hundreds of other potentially lethal virysesm bacteria, fungi and protozoa.  U.S. funded Saddam's microbiologists handed over samples of  nasty pathogens. ( Thus the supply line for the weapons of mass destruction started very close to  home.)

******Who supplied Saddam with all the weapons of mass destruction?
President Bush says, if you supply or aid a terrorist, who are a terrorist. Who and where are these kinds of terrorists?  No one asks what China has or is doing in the war on terror. No one asks how much of the technology  are they passing on that they received from the USA during the Clinton years or how much they are funneling to other third party nations.
U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich reports that as late as 1989 and 1990, U.S. companies, under permits from the first Bush administration, sent mustard gas materials and live cultures for bacteriological research to Iraq.
U.S. companies helped Iraq build a chemical weapons factory and  then shipped Husssein a West Nile virus, hydrogen, cyanide precursors and parts for a new nuclear plant.
The infamous  gassing of the Kurds in 1988  in which Saddam gets all the blaim, although it was most likely Iran who did most of this gassing is repeatedly charged to Saddam on the major media channels,   Six months later, U.S. companies sent eleven strains of germs, four types of anthrax to Iraq including a microbe strain called 11966 developed for germ warfare at Fort Detrick in the '50s.
Dow Chemical (infamous for its napalm in the Vietnam War) sold large amounts of pesticides, toxins that cause death by asphyxiation. Twenty-four U.S. firms exported amrs and materials to Baghdad. France sent 200 AMX medium tnaks, Mirage bombers, and Gazelle helicopter gunships.
Subsequently, the Pentagon supplied logistical and military support. U.S. banks provided billions of dollars in credits and the  C I A using a Chilean conduit  increased  Saddam's supply of cluster bombs. U.S. companies  were also the ones who supplied steel tubes and chemical substances- the type of material for which the Security Council is now searching.
Without this help from Europe and the U.S., the Iraq wars with Iran and Kuwait would have never taken place. 
According to a 1994 Senate report, private American suppliers, licensed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, exported a brew of biological and chemical materials to Iraq from 1985 to 1989 including the following:
Bacillus Antracis - cause of anthrax
Clostridium Botulinum, a source of botulinum toxin
Histoplasma Capsulatam, cause of a disease attacking lungs, brains, spinal cord and heart.
Brucella Malitensis, a bacteria that can damage major organs.
Clostridium Perfringents, a highly toxic bacteria causing systemic illness.
Clostridium tetani, a highly toxgenic substance.
American Type Culture Collection of Maryland and Virginia made 27 shipments of anthrax causing germ and other pathogenic agents according to a 1996 Newsday story.
Other U.S. companies involved in shipping Saddam chemicals   were
Alcolac International,  Nu Kraft Mercantile, afffiliated with the United Steel and Strip Corporation, Celery Corp, Matrix-Churchill Corp from Cleveland Ohio who Rep Henry Gonzalez reported in the Congressional Record as being a front for the Iraq government related to dealings with the very top level of our government back then.
Other  U.S. companies named in 1992 Senate hearings included Mouse Master, Sullaire Corp, Pure Aire, Posi Seal inc, Union Carbide, Evapco, Gorman Rupp from Mansfield, Ohio.
A large number of America firms supplied Iraq with specialized computers, lasers and other supplies directly related to the manufacture of nuclear weapons.  Many companies are named at http://www.indybay.org/news/2002/03/119547.php including well known companies like Hewlett  Packard, Unisys, Digital Equipment, Rockwell, Honeywell and more.
Visit the site to learn more.
As it turns out, Iraq did not use any chemical or biological weapons against the U.S. forces in the Gulf War but American Planes bombed many of the facilities dooming tens of thousands  of American soldiers.  The Pentagon estimates that nearly 100,000 American soldiers were exposed to sarin gas alone.
President Bush said, if you supply or aid a terrorist, you ARE a terrorist. I wonder if he ever looked in the mirror repeating that statement.

WHAT IF........There would not be these wars. by Tapart News Editor
Good morning America. Welcome to the new world dis-order. There is still killing and bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo.
What if in the beginning the USA did not fund and support Bin Laden to fight the Russians. What if the elder Bush did not fund and support Saddam to fight Iran. What if we did not fund and support the various groups in Bosnia and Kosovo.  The USA invited terrorists to come to Bosnia and they are still there.  What if the USA did not help to build all these killing machines.
There would never have been and Iraq and Iran war.  There would never have been the Desert Storm Kuwait war. There would have never been the Afghan war. There would never have the killing fields in Kosovo as they are now. It all makes one wonder too about 9-11. Who helped create the terrorists?
President Clinton went into the Balkans to stop ethnic cleansing and killings and then did the very same thing. 750,000 Serbians and Gypsies had to flee for their lives due the USA intervention. The USA bombed Serbia and Kosovo killing many innocent people there .  Now we have growing ethnic violence in Kosovo with Albanian terrorists killing even children.
In Afganistan, the Taliban are back in force except those who changed sides going with elements of the Northern Alliance where there is in fighting for control and power. Many Russian trained officers who were Talibans are active now on "our side" as part of the Northern Alliance. How can peace come from this.
In Iraq, the USA took out about 6000 to 7000 innocent lives in the new war so far. In the ten years of bombings and sanctions thousands if not millions of innocent lives were taken .  And now in this new war, the USA has lost more of our soldiers during the so called peace than we did in the combat phase. This will be an endless pit no matter how many more soldiers are deployed. Good morning Vietnam all over again.
"Bring 'em on" Bush says  as he invites more responses in a world of and eye for an eye killings.  Bush knows how to be busy at war but the cry is for real jobs and not wars. Welcome to the new world dis-order.

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