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Free trade keeps triggering a race to the bottom

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Free trade keeps triggering a race to the bottom
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Free trade is not trade as historically practiced and defined. It is primarily about
moving production from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor markets.
It is a race to the bottom since the lowest common denominators are wage
slave and even child labor. With at least one billion people in the world willing
to work for practically  nothing to survive, there is an endless pool of workers
competing with each other for the same jobs. In the end, the workers never
can make enough money to raise themselves up from poverty nor raise the
levels of society.  Free trade has more than a twenty year history of failures.
With the value of labor and workers being continously deflated  with burnt
out communities left behind, all of society is degraded too.

Unionist wins  Brazil presidential race by a landslide.
 From Associated Press, Harold Olmos- Oct 28,2002
       With 97% of the vote counted, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvan won the presidential election in Latin America's largest country. He got 61.5% of the vote. (a mandate) Silva- a former shoe shine boy and head of a labor union- ran against the free traders solution to the world economy. Silva's criticism of free market policies is at odds with Bush and Washington DC.  
When Capitalism, Conservatives and elite Liberals join to force raw Capitalism, we end up with the worst kind of classic liberalism - The survival of the fittest.
The Race to the Bottom in Mexico
From Associated Press, Julie Watson, Oct 28/2002__________________________________________________
..........and now, former U.S. factories that moved to Mexico to supposedly help out their economy since 1956, are now moving out and going to China and Central America, where there is even cheaper labor.  $1 an hour in Mexico can not compete now with the wage slave labor in China etc.  Just a few years ago, some former U.S. factories that moved to the Far East for cheaper labor moved back to North American via Mexico where they could get the  factory, equipment and labor for only $4.50 an hour.  Now that is too much  and they are moving to China etc.  250,000 jobs in the maquiladora industry just on the other side of the border have been lost.  Unemployed workers wait in lines by 5 a.m. that snake around factories like Lear, General Motors and Hoover trying to find work.  In this area alone, 2,000 jobs a month are not being lost.  More than 30 of its 392 plants have closed.  It is a real race to the bottom now. It is an example of what happens when production is moved from place to place based on the lowest common denominator of wage slave wages.  Burn- out communities and societies are left behind.  The attrition is speeding up everywhere since any job now can be outsourced anywhere.
(It should be noted that the US Government paid and offered other incentives to manufacturers to move their factories to Mexico since 1956.  So called free trade is not something that naturally evolved and US taxpayers actually paid out money that ended up funding the most massive dislocation of jobs in our history.)

        A elite grouping ( network ) of Conservatives and Liberals have joined together in forcing so called Free Trade policies that are destroying the American Dream not  only for those in the U.S. but  also for all in the world.  When Conservatives take on a harsh raw capitalistic nature , they become  classic liberals based on 'survival of the fittest liberalism.  They think that somehow there will be some kind of spill- over vertically down the line where  the rich become richer- the so called trickle down economy. 
           At the same time, we have unionists who think in terms of human dignity in a horizontal fashion  and fight for a better living for themselves but then as consumers, shop without any union conscience for the best deals no matter who gets hurt.  In the end, they vote for what kind of society they want - at the check out counter and not in the voting booth. They contradict their efforts.
From NY Times, Stephen Holden, May 17, 2002
     Life and Debt Documentary movie produced by Stephanie Black portrays the deeply troubled economy of Jamaica pointing to how Globalization  impacts Third World Countries burying them with World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund debts.   One of the results of the crumbling economy is the vulerability to exploitation of Jamaica's needy labor force where workers toil five or six days a week in near-sweatshop conditions for the legal minimum wage of $30 a week sewing garments for American manufacturers. Those who make waves are fired. 
      The movie shows former chicken plants put out by the dumping of cheaper low-grade chicken parts from the United States under the guise of free trade. The overall impression left by this devastating film is of the global economy dog-eat-dog world where the United States and its multinational corporate clients have the advantage.  The market forces that operate are an economic form of Darwinism.

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