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If free trade had to be ratified by a popular vote, it is obvious it would have never passed.
It is equally obvious, workers have no voice in the process of free trade and globalization and that
Occupy Wall Street will grow stronger because of this. 

They also will point to international organizations like the WTO who control the flow of wealth outside
will of the people. We ask who said we had to compete like this for the same jobs in a global economic arena. It certainly did not happen by a vote of the people.


Another void in communications by rank in  our society......
Intelligent Design Commentaries - The Ultimate Starter of the Universe
From Plain Dealer Forum Pages, Jan 1, 2006
By Ray Tapajna
A little child asks, "Where did I come from?" But when the child grows up he or she cannot ask the question in science class. This is nonsensical, especially since Charles Darwin himself questioned his findings late in life, as if he were a child again. If  the big bang can be discussed in science class based on imagination, then certainly something like intelligent design should be discussed too.
In the past,  philosophy acted as a buffer between religon and science. Today, for the  most part, we have only a survey or history of philosophy. Philosophy is the study of being as being. It is the missing link today.
Intelligent Design evolved from this vacuum. Students in any class including science, should be able to ask about the ultimate starter of the universe. It is only a natural thing to do. It is part of evolving as Charles Darwin did.
From Cleveland Plain Dealer Forums Pages  Jan. 1/2006
Clash over evolution is ideal as an exercise in philosophy.
( Philosophy should be studied in our schools )
By: Kenneth J. Palko
Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame College
The ongoing debate between Intelligent Design and the theory of evolution provides a compelling  reason as to why philosophy should be studied in our schools.
Currently, the subject of philosophy  is all but absent in our nation's K-12 curriculum. Philosophy is the appropriate subject in which both models may be introduced and critically studied, side by side. Philosophy encompasses all areas of human inquiry, including religion and science. Important questions are asked and explored: What is science? What is religion? How are they similar ( ultimately, both attempt to understand the world) and how do they differ (religion allows supernatural explanations)? Such exploration raises deeper, timeless, epistemological and metaphysical questions.
The debate by no means is a new one. A thousand years before Christianity, Greek philosophers debated mythos verses logos. The study of philosophy invites, students to think and comt to their own informed conclusions. We can end the debate concering the teaching of Intelligent Design, which split our nation, by introducing philosophy into our schools, curriculum.
( Science exists. Religion exists but do they exist alone or are  they are not necessarily separate from one another. Our state schools are dangerously at a level where they are teaching a certain kind of state religion by abstraction of anything seemingly religious. )



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And note Hillary wasn't home baking cookies when her husband pushed the passage of free trade economics. Running for president in 2015-16, she is trying to hide her part in the process.
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