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With much of our value added economy outside the USA, we are trying to survive on only parts of any real economy. Our industrial might won World War 2. After the war, the U.S. had the most awesome industrial power the world has ever known. For some reason, elite groupings chose to dismantled it. The U.S. Federal Government sponsored the moving of factories outside of the country starting in 1956.  It was during the same period when there was an international money crisis that was exposed by the Suez Canal crisis.

Free trade came and our country leaders played a part in moving our production to other lands.  They chopped up our economy into pieces and scattered it all over the world. Our economy evolved into an orchestra without drums or a beat to guide them.

Recently, I saw an excellent movie titled - As it is in Heaven.  It was about a top conducter in Sweden who had a heart attack and had to stop conducting. He went back home to a small town and became a choir master in a small church.  The choir thought he was going to show them how to sing songs better but he did not start doing this until all in the choir found their own tone. Each had to find a tone inside them that felt confortable and in sync with who they were.  This search for harmony in song provoked a search of harmony in their personal lives.  Finding this tone, the choir was a big hit and went to Austria to compete in a music festival. Unfortunately, the conducter had another serious heart attack and could not conduct the choir at the festival. The choir did not know what to do. They are all alone without a leader. Then one of the members started singing out his tone. The whole choir followed and each sung out their own personal tone. One by one, members of the audience start standing up and sang out their tone. Soon the whole hall was filled with the harmony of everyone singing their tone.

This story can apply to our daily lives at work and in our whole economic day.  There has to be a tone that merges all values into one based on a balanced harmonious cooperation of all members of a community and then all individual communities reacting to one another in the same way. If an economy is chopped up into pieces and scattered around the world there will be no harmonious tone to live by.  If all the values are distorted by using products made by impoverished workers that degraded value comes back to our own front door. And there is no economic tone to make us whole in our pursuit of an ideal life on earth - as it is in Heaven.
From Plain Dealer's Tom Feran 's column, 9/30/03
(Tom Feran gave some samples of readers responding to his column about loss of jobs and wages.)
Larry in Austin Texas, blames labor unions for the massive exporting of jobs.  Actually, the private sector union production jobs make up only 25% of union membership now. Production union workers have radically disappeared over the past ten years. Unions are now primarily made up of public workers and some retail clerk workers. There are no tangible products involved with these jobs that relate to moving factories. The government workers have been protected from the massive exporting of jobs.  Most likley they will be soon be affected too. For example, 18 states now have workers in India handling U.S. welfare clients from there.  The public workers will soon follow the fate of the production workers since their jobs are being outsourced now too.
The U.S. government  started supporting and funding the moving of factories to Mexico in 1956. By 1993, 2,000 factories were moved. After NAFTA was passed in 1994, 2,000 more factories were moved crushing any hopes of creating any real jobs in the USA.
In the early 1970s, there were plenty of $12,000 a year jobs.  A first class stamp was still only  8 cents. The Post Office uses  many comparisons to prove that the current 37 cents stamps is in tune with everything else going up. This means there should be plenty of $50,000 jobs today and of course these jobs do not exist.  As A.E. says in Tom Feran 's column, that  one of every four workers today make less than $8.19 an hour.  If compared  to the 1970s, this would be only about $2.00 and hour.
M.A. from Walton Hills, Ohio  tells how her husband lost his supervisory job  after 32 years and begged a company to hire him for a maintenane position because the family had depleted their savings trying to survive. M.A. lost her job in February after 19 years.  She says she worries everyday about the future and how they will get by."  (about one third of all who lose their jobs after age 55, never find another one with most losing their entire live savings.)
From Ray (Tapajna) in Cleveland:
"The USA has suffered the most massive dislocation of jobs in its history. The great need of our times is real jobs and not wars. I worked in four different factories  while going to college.  I made the equivalent of $15 an hour (to $20). If these jobs were available today, there would be thousands in line applying, including college graduates. Why do so many wear blinders about the real terrorism of our time? The war on jobs has been going on a long time."  (Extra note: There were about the same number of bankruptcies reported in 1998 when statistical prosperity was reported as there were in 2002.)  The economy is broken. As Franklin Roosevelt said, economic diseases are highly communicable. Today these "diseases" are an epidemic with Globalism now breeding wars and terrorism with it.
Thank you Tom Feran for your extraordinary column. We wish there were more like you.

From Cleveland Plain Dealer 5/7/04 by Ray Tapajna
In response to Stephen Koff's May 3 article, "The flip side of job outsourcing" showing how Honda is successful in Ohio while ignoring what has really happened due to Honda in Ohio and other foreign companies who just assemble products in the USA ) :
The Honda Accord automobile is only assembled here in Ohio. It is Built in the USA, not Made in the USA.
Only about 30 per cent of the components are made in the United States. The other parts come from elsewhere, with perhaps many of them coming from wage-slave markets. Years ago, this would have been viewed with deep concern by almost all.
The survivor  workers at Honda in Ohio represent only a very small portion of the number of autoworkers and directly related workers who lost their jobs over the years in the most massive dislocation of all jobs in U.S. history. Something like 400,000 autoworkers and about the same number of workers directly related to the auto industry lost their jobs. This does not include the more than 600,000 steelworkers and related workers who lost thier jobs as well.
Sen. John Kerry voted for every anti-worker issue in the Senate and is a free-trader and globalist. He talks in circles about free-trade issues.
When will The Plain Dealer (and all media channels) start telling it like it is form the streets of the United States? Cleveland  and other cities will be saved only when the real story is told.
Instead of ridiculing Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the newspaper should pass on the facts  about NAFTA, GATT and the WTO. Free Trade has failed, with globalism breeding wars and terrorism.

From The Plain Dealer, Tuesday, 5/27/03 by Ray Tapajna
(Reference to Editor, Brent Larkin's negative comments about Representative Dennis Kucinich running for President.).....
It seems Brent Larkn is playing some kind of political game trying to knock Rep. Dennis Kucinich out of his bid for the presidency prematurely  ("Kucinich's campaign not helping him at home," May 18).
Kucinich is a lone voice adressing the main issue of our times, next to abortion. The United States has gone through the most massive dislocation of  workers in perhaps all of our history, including perhaps even the Great Drepression. A working poor class has been created, with many others missing from any kind of statistical reporting.
Kucinich is the only one who mouths the words NAFTA and GATT - relating to free trade being a trap and not having much to do with trading products. Free trade is based on moving production to the cheapest labor markets of the world. The worker is the commodity, not product.
As long as Kucinich tells it like it is in this critical area. he will be elected to Congress forever. Our whole economic and ecological balance is in turmoil as we strive to survive on only parts of any real economy. It is like having an orchestra without drums or stringed instruments.
President George W. Bush speaks out against abortion but preaches Jesus and war at the same time.  I, personally can never vote for Kucinich because of his stand on terminating innocent third parties (abortion), nor can I vote for Bush and his conservative followers, who spread a culture of death.
Everything is upside down. It will take a long time to make things right again. At least Kucinich speaks the words that no one else in high office or the media are willing to utter. The major issue of our times, after abortion, is the need for real jobs for real people and not wars and a culture of death.
Ray Tapajna , Cleveland Plain Dealer Letter to the Editor 5/27/03 

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