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If you want a local value added economy to skyrocket to success, take a location already in place,  like the Downtown Airport in Cleveland,  and make it a tax-free zone and especially for products made in the local region. Have government provide other consessions for local value added produced  products.  This would not only make it a level playing field on a global basis but will demonstrate the many inconsistencies in Free Trade and the Free Enterprise System. It will prove Free Trade is not really trade but something else. Investments have been divorced from production.

If you do not make it or grow it , then the next best thing to do is to BUY and  SELL IT.  And this commerce has to start from the bottom up and not from the top down.  Someone should  tell Drew Carey about our one example :

( Drew Carey, host of the TV show The Price is Right, who grew up in Cleveland, has created a series of documentaries offering ideas and solutions for restoring his home town. see The Cleveland Plain Dealer , March 8, 2010, front page story by Michael K. McIntyre - twitter it around the world - and note our example below.)

What  about having   a "Price is Right" show on the Cleveland Boardwalk featuring  prizes with all the prizes being products made in Cleveland area. Just image what would happen if Drew Carey did this annually.

The Downtown Airport "Cleveland Boardwalk"

Restoring our cities - Take it to the people  with an international mercantile center, fair, bazaar, collectibles and/or a  flea market center
Cleveland Downtown Airport Boardwalk...Feature " Pride of Cleveland Producst - Local Production for Local Consumption - a real value added local economy.

In Cleveland Ohio like many other major cities across our land, leaders are wondering how to make a comeback.  Instead of talking about bringing back good paying jobs, they are trying to create an economy with Casinos, Sports and Entertainment.  They do not understand that the money for all this has to come from somewhere and only value added economies work.  They offer tax abatements and outright payoffs for foreign assemblers. They foster big box stores where the money spent at retail quickly fans out to foreign countries where the products art made. Their priorities are based on a tax revenue mind-set rather than on creating real commerce from the raw product stage up through several levels to the retail or end user stage. This way an economy can recyle over and over again.  

Cleveland has a downtown airport  right on the lake.  The  air traffic is down and there is talk about making a park or building condomiums  area out of it . A  park would be nice but it would serve  no real purpose in the recovery of Cleveland as one of the poorest cities in our country . High priced residential units will not work either. It would help only a few.  We need to work from the bottom up and not from the top down. 

 We suggest using the airport as a Mini-Mercantile Center for business to business selling during the day. Vendors could sponsor a buffet where business people could use their calling card as their ticket to get in for a free buffet lunch or dinner.  Vendors could present  their products and services and have presenters going from table to table with their items while the main presentation is going on too.  The airport fees for vendors flying in could be discounted. This in itself would highlight the downtown airport on the lake as a wonderful positive . There could be charter flights ferrying people  to the islands in Lake Erie and to nearby cities in Canada.

At night, the center could be used for business to people selling bringing in consumers.  Outside or in the hangars, a vast flea market or bazaar could be started. It could be used for  in the selling of art, antiques and collectibles too with an upscale area.  Cleveland like many other major cities now have what I call " the Gray Economy".  I also call the people who picked through the rubbish on pick up day  "the Gray People".  This is a big business that no one talks about. Why not have a vast flea market or upgraded bazaar at  the airport where many could sell the things they collect. Cable TV demonstrates what is happening with shows like Pawn Stars, Pickers and Restoration shows. Something related to this , would bring many people into the area to buy and sell .  Auto restoration could prove to be a big thing too.

 Businesses and restaurants downtown could have booths for people to sample their wares. There could be a shuttle trolley bus going back and forth between the two areas and the West Side Market.  Upper scale businesses and restaurants could have limos taking customers back to their establishments. Coupons  could also be given away at the center only  for the Rock Hall of Fame and the top Science Center close by to draw people from everywhere.  A ship could be docked near by to offer overnights rooms and even be an extension of the mini mercantile center.
A Kiddie Land could be built to draw families. A giant Ferris Wheel could be built  and light up the whole area off Lake Erie and on the lake itself. 
The Mercantile Fair would be the attraction with the Rock Hall of Fame the Science Center close by.  At the Science Center or at the airport , there could be a replica of a working  old fashion windmill or water wheel  as an attraction and again to light up the area. A boardwalk could easily be had from E9th  to as far as  E40th close to the Lake. Street Vendors could be located on the boardwalk for that long distance. There could be  test drives in this area for potential auto buyers. There could be a virtual auto show every day of the week.

In all  it would have with many people interacting with each other  in selling and buying. It would be a people to people venture.
The world renown  Cleveland Art Museum could have   mini-art museum could be a the downtown airport during this time or keep it as an ongoing display. The World War 2 submarine can be highlighted too.

Even an E-Bay Rep could be on hand finding regional  items for consumers worldwide right there on the worldwide web.

A program could be started to to promote a Made in Cleveland label perhaps calling it 
                        Pride of Cleveland products!
following with a Made in Ohio and Made in the USA label. The label program could be advertised heavily throughout the city, state and country as a way of letting all know what a local value-added economy is and promote area manufacturing.

(We tried in many ways to tell our leaders and media here about  this all  but no one seems to listen. It would not take much money to get it all going but our leaders talk Casinos, sports stadiums/ arenas and parks instead.) And they talk education- education but when the core of the classroom is a $100 to $200 PC computer, that is not even made in the USA, how can anyone expect anything good to come from this.  The price of the device demonstrates the demise of high tech in the USA . It is especially  silly to push computer education when word processors only make a bit over minimum wages.  Who would have predicted that workers need computer skills just to earn a minimum wage.

A whole new view of the local scene and the national economy has to be adjusted to the real world as free trade remains the major cause of our economic crisis.  And making money on money economies  instead of making things are burning out.
We are reaching a point of no return. Low paid workers need low price goods. However this is a never ending race to the bottom. We are shopping our way out of our jobs.  We are losing decent paying jobs. A working poor class has been created in the USA.  They find it more and more difficult to even afford the cheaper imports while at the same time the destitute workers outside the USA who make the products can not afford to buy the very things they make for us let alone buy anything the USA may have left to sell.
John A Byrne, editor of Fast Company magazine, commenting on an article  about Wal-Mart, says in an editoriall that many people are literally shopping themselves, their children, and their friends out of work.  Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart launched a Buy American crusade in 1985 but when he died in 1992, things changed and Wal-Mart has become  the world center of cheap imported goods in a new slave trade- a wage slave trade.
Steve Bobbins, CEO of Carolina Mills, whose company closed down ten factories and cut 1,200 employees in the USA,  reported that even if Carolina Mills employees worked for nothing at all, his company can not compete with the products sold at Wal-Mart. He also says, we are shopping ourselves out of our jobs.
On Bill Moyer's PBS program, a reporter told how Wal-Mart employees have to take advantage of every government or other social help program to survive. They do not independently make enough money  at Wal-Mart.  A former Wal-Mart manager who was with Wal-Mart for 17 years showed a long file he kept of all the social service programs for his employees.  He also said that the turn over rate hindered many employees from ever  enjoying any company benefits.  No one thinks about adding all the extra costs at the end of the bill when they shop at Wal-Mart.
Even the upper middle class who has lived off the working poor class is now being affected too.  Many higher paid high tech jobs are now be outsourced to places like India and China. A top leader in India says, the USA better get used to his country being better and less expensive in the high tech industry.
A Mayor of a Southern California town told how his town gave Wal-Mart $1.2 million dollars to build their store in his town.  The town never recouped the money and now Wal-Mart is closing down  the store and moving to greener pastures after putting out many local businesses.
President Bush's tax cuts and other stimulus packages have a very short fuse. Any extra money that flows into the economy , first goes to the retail level and then fans out to the far away places where the products are made,  The money does  not stay here in the USA to grow more value back down to the raw product level.. the money goes to places like China and India to grow their economy instead.
In this race to the bottom, as more US wages deflate and it is becoming a no win situation for all.  Nothing from nothing ends up nothing.  Who will untangle this war of terror on jobs, that Globalism and Free Trade have bred.
Cheap prices equal  lower and lower  wages - the point of no return.

Someone tell Drew Carey about Cleveland

The Price is Right at Wal-Mart..or is it?
From Sunday Plain Dealer, Feb 24, 2002 by Ray Tapajna
Wal-Mart has evolved on the graves of many value-added enterprises that now are gone. We paid a terrible price for Wal-Mart. We have closed down main streets. We have dead towns and deserted factories. Just down the road, however, there is a Wal-Mart. It is the great distributor for all the slave-wage products of the world.
We moved much of our value-added production to faraway places and now travel down barren streets to get to Wal-Mart. One can travel 10 miles in any direction in most of our inner cities and see Third World conditions everywhere. While we wait at railroad crossings for the long freight trains to pass by bringing the products we purchase from faraway places, we can see the flickering name of COSCO, a shipping company partly owned by the People's Liberation Army of China, on the hugh shipping containers.
Payroll tax revenues are lost here, and they are not an overhead issue in these faraway places. We also have shipped our pollution to these places. While we smell fresh air, others inhale death as they make things for us that they cannot afford to buy themselves. Some are  children.
We have reports of widows of laid-off workers, such as the steelworkers, who  have lost their medical insurance. But that is another thing, after all, the price is right at Wal-Mart.
Patriotic Americans are freed to wave the American flag; it may even have been made in China.
(Now the Federal Pension Insurance program is going broke too. Too many retirees whose former employers have gone bankrupt, now collect their pensions from the Federal Government. In the end, all taxpayers will have to pay more to keep the program afloat.   We should add this to the bottom of our sales receipts as we shop our jobs away.... the price may not be right at Wal-Mart after all.
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