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Social ills stem from profound unemployment by Paul Donovan

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Free Trade is the major cause of our economic crisis.  It triggers poverty and unemployment and put a new working poor class and underclass in place.  The entry level jobs are now the jobs of our times and have turned into exit jobs too as our economies based on making money on  money are burning out.

In cities across the nation  with places like Cleveland Ohio  being one of the top cities in the nation in terms of poverty, the cities, media and public workers unions need to address the core of the problems with their schools including the lack of discipline of students.
The Plain Dealer did publish a report  a few years ago demonstrating how poverty directly affects the drop out rate. The drop out rate by students from families in poverty  was very high.
Now nearly 500 more Cleveland teachers will get cut due to budget contraints. The teaching staff has gone from  5,276 in 2000 to 4,100 this year in 2005.  The district elminated more than 1,400 positions last year in  the district.
The Public Workers Unions have ignored the plight of the general working force too long. Poverty, unemployment and the working poor  have been issues for years. Now the public workers and teachers have to to absorb the same consequences of  the silent depression just like everyone else.  In the letter, below Paul Donovan, a retired steelworker from a strong private sector union family, raises the basic question.  If public servants end up making up to twice as much as the people they serve how can any good come from this. 
The largest employers in many major cities   are related to governments  needing  a tax base to survive.  How long can this go on when the tax base keeps getting smaller and smaller.  The priority  should be about good paying jobs across the board that support  public services.  About two years ago, the Cleveland district brought in teachers from India and this created a protest.  However, outsourcing and insourcing is the name of the game in the private sector  in the Free Trade arena.  Why should the public workers sector be exempted.  
Social ills stem from profound unemployment
By Paul Donovan from the Cleveland Plain Dealer 04/05
(Mr Donovan's House of Cards Economy from the National Steelworkers Magazine  is also noted at this site)
   " Louis Filippelli, a Cleveland teacher -( Mr Filippelli in an earlier letter tells about  the lack of discipline in the public schools ) tells us about the district's problems. but fails a test himself ( Letters, March 27). He may need a new lesson plan.
     Once upon a time, Cleveland enjoyed a tax base with thousands of  middle-class workers paying the toll for the schools, and now they are gone. Some who still make a decent living  fled to the suburbs, including teachers who work in Cleveland (Fillippelli's letter comes from Westlake) which raises a basic question: How can teachers and public workers make twice as much as the people they serve and expect any good from it?
     Teachers and all public servants are in unions that are most protective of themselves, while the private-sector  have taken a big hit, competing on the basis of profit and loss. Many public workers have lost a sense of what that means. Some of the public workers put up lawn signs t o protest firings while living next door to people who have no place to go for help when they lose their jobs.
     In the past, labor leaders risked their lives to support a living wages across the board. They are now all dead  or too old to voice their view. This is where the public unions came from. Now, however, they just take care of themselves and applaud when the school dropout rate goes under 50 percent and ignore the fact that up to 50 percent  of young blacks in the inner cities are unemployed.
    Let's talk about living-wage jobs first before we chastise the social climate in the inner city."
Paul Donovan
Retired Steelworker and Advocate for a living wage.

This letter was published twice in the national SteelLabor Magazine
more than ten years ago and predicted the coming our our economic crisis. 
It was and still  is a House of Cards Economy.

 By: Paul M Donovan, Steelworker, Local 188 retired from SteelLabor Magazine 2001/2002.
       People get worried because 5,000 (Cleveland) LTV steelworkers may soon lose their jobs and the community will lose millions of dollars because these jobs added dollars for others up the line from raw product to the finished product and then through distribution channels.
    If this is dangerous, we should know that once there were 140,000 steelworkers in Ohio (1965 Statistics) represented by five union Districts. There is now only one District left in the State. In our local region, we once had 29,000 steelworkers and now there is less than 8000 left. (since then, 5000 more steelworkers have lost their jobs with  only 3000 left in the region now in 2002).
    Our region, which led the way in steel and other manufacturing, is now replaced by an economy based on taxpayers with very little value-added stages left. Of the top twenty-five employers, five are government employers. The biggest employer is the Federal Government with the County and Cities close behind. Seven are related to the medical industry. Three are in school systems or colleges. Two are  utilitiy companies. Following these employers are banks and insurance, which depend on other value-added stages to exist. So, out of the top twenty-five employers, only two are left who are value-added manufacturers.
    This is an economy based on a house of cards. ( and primarily supported by taxpayers.), If only a few more cards are pulled from the base the whole thing will topple. The businesses that are thriving are temporary help offices, payday loan stores and equity loan businesses. This is not a foundation to build your economic house. We have a house of cards economy ready to fall.
(Paul M Donovan )

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