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Tea Party Advocate Alert - The Real Causes of our Economic Crisis

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Tea Party Advocate Alert : 
See Tea Parties may be brewing the wrong tea 

tea parties brewing wrong tea - Ethics Box
Feb 6, 2010 ... Tea Party may be brewing the wrong tea - tea parties brewing wrong ... My main online sites since 1998 are at Ray Tapajna Chronicles - and ...
www.ethicsbox.com/tea-parties-brewing-wrong-tea/ - Cached

Tea Party protests should include the main causes behind our economic and financial crisis.
Bewildered New World Order:
Elder President Bush, President Clinton, President Bush 2, and President Obama are all one in the betrayal and commodization of workers. President Obama jumps over the mass of suffering bailing out big money with future generations paying the tariff.

Free Trade = Economic Crisis
(U.S. Federal Government start moving factories outside of USA in 1956 - This "temporary program" never ended.)

Trade Deficit = Economic Crisis

Value of Workers Deflated = Money Crisis

Globalization = Economic Crisis ( y2K crisis acted as a Clinton artificial  stimulus package with billions if not trillions spent - * Alan Greenspan-  to correct the problems caused by more than a million workers in the computer industry losing their jobs 

Big Government merges with Big Business and Big Money = Economic Crisis

Consumers shop their way out of their jobs = Economic Crisis

Free Enterprise system ransacked by Transnational Corporations = Economic Crisis

Tariffs taken off goods and put on workers = Economic Crisis

Free Trade used as tool of so called Free Market = Econmic Crisis

NAFTA Trade Agreement = Economic Crisis
( After Pres Clinton passed NAFTA , the number of factories moved to Mexico doubled to more than 4,000. First stimulus  package went to a foreign nation - Mexico with Pres Clinton rushing $20 billion dollars to save the peso and Free Trade experiment.  He also sent more through internatinal money funds. )

GATT Trade Agreement = Economic Crisis

CAFTA Trade Agreement = Economic Crisis

WTO ( World Trade Organization ) = Economic Crisis

World Bank and International Money Funds = Economic Crisis

So called "New World Order" = Economic Crisis

Propaganda and lies about "Protectionism" = Economic Crisis

Income Tax, Payroll Tax, Local and State Taxes = Economic Crisis  - Summary of Ray Tapajna Chronicles sites related to  this page at http://www.multiurl.com/la/ray-tapajna-tapsearcher  or  send twitter ready url link ( Twitter sender on first page ) as http://bit.ly/ray-tapajna-tapsearch-links 

See Real Tax Reform - Taps instead of Taxes   and  http://bizarrepolitics.com  For untold stories behind the News about the real causes of our economic and financial crisis.



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And note Hillary wasn't home baking cookies when her husband pushed the passage of free trade economics. Running for president in 2015-16, she is trying to hide her part in the process.
See http://tapsearch.com/backfire/

Original Clinton Years American Dream Reverse has
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