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Workers still betrayed as Pres Obama bails out
big money, Wall Street, banks and large corporations

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     KAPTUR SERVES DISTRICT, U.S. WELL (Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur of Ohio is a strong voice in Congress for human dignity in the workday and fair trade) represents  new congressional district in Ohio - 2012
KAPTUR SERVES DISTRICT, U.S. WELL - She is not afraid to expose the failures of NAFTA and GATT trade agreements.
From Cleveland Plain Dealer, largest newspaper in Ohio , by Ray Tapajna
      "Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur of Toledo (Ohio) represents much more than her own district with a simple, profound message that applies to all in the United States and even the world. For all who believe in human dignity in the workplace, her message is about stopping the erosion of the American Dream after almost a decade of NAFTA and GATT trade agreements that were an economic Pearl Harbor attack on American workers. Kaptur says the World Trade Organization and secret bureaucies related to NAFTA and GATT rob us of our precious sovereignty, too. She counters President George W. Bush, just as she did President Clinton.
     The United States cannot have a portfolio of wars that create common enemies in order to hide our economic woes. We can-not go around the world stirring up social, economic, geopolitical hornets nests and expect others to refrain from retaliating against us.
      In protecting her own district, Kaptur demonstrates a common parallel of economic and soveriegnty issues in all districts in the United States.  She does not hide behind the mask  of sanctimonious drivel used by our current and past presidents, and she has the courage to stand alone calling out to people everywhere to reclaim the ideals of the American Dream. And I'll bet she can bake good cookies too."

THE RECESSION HITS HOME, AND HITS HARD - Only local value added economies work. There are about five to seven levels of added value from the raw product level to the retail or end user level.  With most of these levels somewhere else in the world due to free trade moving production from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor, it is impossible to recycle our economy.
 By Arthur T. Blech From Cleve Plain Dealer
     I'm a little naive ( stupid?) when it comes to economics. Will someone please explain to me how exhorting people to spend and buy more will end the recession and put the unemployed American Worker back to  work - since practically all merchandise in stores is made in China, Thailand, South America, etc.?
    It would seem that this only benefits the workers in those countries, and, of course, the merchants and manufacturers who move their factories there. Charity begins at home: Buy American-made-products-if you can find any.
The Recession hits home, and hits hard by Ray Tapajna from the Cleveland Plain Dealer ,  12/1/01  Not much has changed since then with the exception of President Obama bailing out big money, banks, Wall Street and large corporations while ignoring the suffering of all who lost their jobs and small businesses due to free trade. Free trade remains the major cause behind our economic crisis.
     Robert Reich , former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, says both major parties should give up their spins on how to restart the economy. Democrats have to give up their born-again fiscal austerity. Republicans have to give up their supply-side tax cuts for corporations and the rich.
     There is a missing ingredient  here to address. Any extra money that now flows into the economy through any kind of government program does not work as it once did. Any extra money would first go primarily to the retail level. After that, this money fans out to the places where the products are made and to corporations outside the United States. It does not stay here, and the Republicans' trickle-down theory is blocked right off the bat.
     The Democrats idea of fiscal integrity is a false one, too. The surplus was based primarily on the Social Security trust fund. Surpluses depend on real-world economics.
     Globalism has reared its ugly head. We have exported much of our value-added economy. Any extra money doe not flow downward to multilevels back to the raw product. The money evaporates to the multiglobal places.
     The working poor here cannot buy that much to balance this out, and certainly the destitute workers outside the United States cannot even afford to buy the products they make, let alone have any extra money to buy what products we have left in this country to sell to them.
     Both parties have turned a blind eye to these problems and do not want to admit that economic globalism has failed.
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