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The story of Ray Tapajna's Topical Art

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The American Dream Burning story from top
newspaper in Ohio USA

Below, Click on picture of Chuck Harder the Host of the worldwide Radio Program- FOR THE PEOPLE-. Chuck has been an advocate for human dignity in the workday and fair trade for over ten years.  (See his excellent overview titled AMERICA IN TERROR assessible on his homepage : http://www.chuckharder.com 
ATTENTION ALL RADIO STATIONS- Chuck Harder's program is available for broadcasting on your station- Click on  his picture for further information on how to pass his program on.  We know that listeners are waiting to hear him. He has honored guests too like Dr. Pat Chote, top economist, who ran as the Vice President Candidate with Perot.

Listen to an American Hero -CHUCK HARDER
Host of For the People Worldwide Radio Program

Ray's American Dream Art is featured on the For the People (Radio) site. Just click on picture of Chuck Harder, the  host, to go there now. 
 Featured above, THE AMERICAN DREAM IS BURNING is symbolic of the 2,000 more factories that
were moved to Mexico since 1994 and even more than that oveseas taking away a value added
economy with many levels from raw product,manufacturing, distribution and through to
retail levels vanishing while the trade deficits keeps breaking all records.
THE CLINTON YEARS-THE AMERICAN DREAM IN REVERSE relates to this too. The biggest lie
in the land of "is" was not about Monica but about the economy where the Government
painted COAL with a GOLD paint and they called it prosperity while many lived
in a silent depression.
THE AMERICAN WORKER-LOCKED OUT OF THE AMERICAN DREAM piece symbolizes all who have lost their jobs in recent years. In this piece, it shows the steelworkers in Mansfield, Ohio bearing their cross being locked out of their jobs for over 18 months.

ARKLINE also features other selections of sports theme and memorabilia art. With each piece
personally signed by the award winning artist, dated, numbered, mounted and prep,
(Our main art sites have won a www.no-frills.net/award
stating: "Wow,...I found myself looking at each of your paintings for a long time....." )

Pass on, Join or just visit the American Dream Renew Yahoo Club founded by Ray Tapajna for all who care about restoring the American Dream for all in the U.S. and everywhere else.-See The House of Cards economy by Paul Donovon, retired steelworker, and the article about Servant Leaders in the Business World.


Fields of Broken Dreams - Art

Rare Sports Art of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, John Carroll Gridders,

You found it : Unlimited free promoters and submission tools by Ray Tapajna

Click here to go now to the main Arkline Art site if you want to do it now.

Click now if you want see Ray's commentary at Fed.Trade Comm. site-MADE IN USA!

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